Self-Driving Cars Are Getting Good

Self-Driving Cars Are Getting Good

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Thursday

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Autonomous "A" Self-driving cars are having fewer incidents on the road according to a report from California's Department of Motor Vehicles. The report specifically noted how many times humans had to take the controls, and for which company. Waymo, for example, said humans had to grab the wheel two times for every 10,000 miles over most of 2016, compared to eight times the year prior. Eleven companies including Honda, BMW, Tesla and Waymo, released their reports via the DMV web site. (Via The Associated Press)

Good Karma GoPro put its Karma drone back on sale this week after recalling the drone for its tendency to drop out of the sky. This was before the holidays—and not a good time to be pulling products. But Karma now says the issue is fixed, and is now available on Karma's online store and at certain stores. (Via Engadget)

Robots Galore Love robot videos? We have a bunch—specifically the latest from Boston Dynamics that were showed to an investor group. From robots that can keep its head stable, to those that can balance and stop while on wheels. Venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson shared the video on his YouTube channel.

Oculus Dinged Oculus, and by default Facebook, just got a $500 million slap on the wrist from the courts today finding one of its founders, Palmer Luckey, violated terms of a non-disclosure agreement. The suit was brought by a company called ZeniMax Media which says developed VR technology that went into Rift. The courts did not agree with that point, but sided on others. Both sides, as typical, declared victory. (Via TechCrunch)

Echo Dot It's smaller, squatter and certainly doesn't have the sound quality of its taller more stately cousin Echo. But we think Echo Dot has got mad skills—and our review says why.

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