Wearable Tattoos Turn Skin Into Smart Devices

Wearable Tattoos Turn Skin Into Smart Devices

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Monday

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Smart Skin MIT and Microsoft researchers have teamed up to come up with a tattoo - temporary though - that can hold data, communicate wirelessly with other devices and even change colors depending on skin temperature. Called DuoSkin, the primary material used here is gold leaf, which makes the tattoo potential valuable, useful and also decorative. Researchers will present their findings a conference in Germany in September. The idea of using the skin or transforming the body into a wearable is being explored by other groups as well.

Pokemon No GoNiantic has clearly had enough of the cheats who have been trying to gain points in the Pokemon Go unfairly. We know this is not you, but if you have been thinking of pulling a stunt that violates any of Niantic's rules-don't. Quicker than landing Pidgey, Niantic will now shut down your account, permanently. Here are the details.

Samsung S3 Samsung looks to be following its usual pattern of releasing its new smart watch, the Gear S3, at the IFA conference as it did with Gear S1 and Gear S2. Invites are already being reported to its news event at Berlin's IFA conference over Labor Day. Expected? News that Samsung Pay will also debut on the Gear S3. (Via Android Police)

Apple's AR Play Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, continues to speak vaguely but affirmatively about the company working on some augmented reality (AR) projects. Cook spoke to The Washington Post about a number of subjects, but emphasizing that to him, and presumably Apple, AR is "...extremely interesting and sort of a core technology," he says. Does that mean Apple fans should expect an AR product anytime soon? Cook is mum.

Best Cheap VR Headset We really don't want to know if you still haven't bought a VR headset yet. (But honestly, what are you waiting for?) So to try and entice you further, we have the best of the cheap VR headsets. Meet the BoboVR Z4. It also has built headphones. And it's $39. You have no excuses now.

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