Would You Unlock Your Front Door When You're Not There?

Would You Unlock Your Front Door When You're Not There?

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Wednesday

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Strangers In Your Home It's that time of year: when gifts pile up against our front door, the ravages of our online shopping spree and presents from family and friends. More than one-quarter of us get packages every week, says August Home, a smart lock company. And about 11 million homeowners have had one of those packages stolen. No surprise then that 7 out of 10 of us would be willing let a delivery person into our home, let in through an app, so we didn't have to worry about our packages stolen—or destroyed. These are the findings from August Home's report, a company that makes products that can do just that—open the front door of your home, when you're not there, just with a push of a button on your smartphone. So: are you one of the seven—or not?

Apple Lost & Found Apple has won a patent that would help you locate your missing jacket, your kid's lunch box or even your keys all by opening up an app on your iPhone. Yes, these items would need a tag of sorts attached to them. But the way they'd be located is by transmitting a ping of sorts to any other device (with the same app on it) noting the location of the item—and telling you. Yes, there are similar products on the market today. But now Apple has a patent for this as well.

Map Munchies The next time you search for a restaurant in Google Maps from your iOS device—you might be able to place an order right there. A new button now launches that allows some people, in some countries, to order food. The app sends you to another third-party app, which includes Seamless, to place your order. Maybe that's one less button to push for your Friday night pizza.

Beer RunOtto, the self-driving truck we told you about a few months ago, has just completed its first drive—taking thousands of cans of Anheuser-Busch's beer on a 120 mile drive from Fort Collins, Colorado to Colorado Springs, Colorado. The beer conglomerate owns millions of trucks used to get its hopped beverage from brewery to beer drinker. Autonomous trucks would likely be a cost-savings measure, allowing a rig to drive hours without a driver needing to stop. No word on if the company's famous Clydesdales would be put to pasture as well. (Via CNBC)

Code For Gifts Hungry for some ideas for tech-savvy kids on your holiday shopping list? We have a few, particularly those meant to grab the attention of code-savvy teens, tweens and even younger ones. Take a look at our Holiday Gift Guide for kids who love to code.

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