Placeon – When holding your smartphone is just too much to ask

The metal clips you never knew you needed for your smartphone

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Got a smartphone? Sure you do. And most of us have ours in the palm of our hand right now. We can't seem to muster up the nerve to part with it, so, we keep our little devices on (or in) hand, or at least in our purses and back pockets, if not on the table or desk where we're seated.

But the founders of Placeon, have launched a Kickstarter believing we need even more access to our smartphones — a kit of clips that allows you to have fast and easy access to your cellphone. No matter where you are or what you are doing, one of their snappy aluminum clips will make your life easier.

Shaving your legs in the shower? Snap that puppy right on the shower wall. Making a fruit smoothie? Why place your phone down on the counter when it can be attached to the cupboard above? Your cellphone wants a nice view of your breakfast on-the-go too. You can affix your phone to any surface, any article of clothing, your bags, your notebook, and of course, any wall. Your smartphone has never seen so much action. The question is, what will you now do with your free hands?

No worries there. Placeon found a solution for that as well. The phone spinner. Just like those irritating fidget spinners, you can now attach a small, round piece to the back of your phone and spin it on a hard surface until you are sufficiently dizzy.

Placeon promises its clips are super-strong and reliable, starting these metal devices at $19 with packages up to $315.

But be aware: the inventors of this metal pocket protector-like device cancelled their original Kickstarter on December 4 with more than $13,500 raised. It's up and running again — with investors plugging in a whopping $16,337 for the metal clips. Think you need one? Pledge away — and then be aware that as with any crowd-sourcing site, including Kickstarter and Indiegogo, you're not buying an item from a store, but making an investment. Maybe you'll get something. Maybe you won't.


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