Snap To It: Spectacles go on sale, online

Snap To It: Spectacles go on sale, online

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Tuesday

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Snap Online Snap, once known as Snapchat, has finally put its Spectacles online. Instead of having to track where the latest Spectacles pop-up store has opened, and call in favors with friends along the coast, people can now hit the internet to grab a pair of the video recording glasses. Snap's Spectacles sell for $130—but online sites like eBay had been selling them for prices north $800. It will take two to four weeks to get your Spectacles once ordered—but that's better than having to either wait hours online, or pay through the nose. Of course now that everyone can get them, the 'cool' factor may fall, and fast.

iPhone Red A color could be on the horizon for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S—red. At the Apple March 2017 event (mainly meant for the iPad Pro), the company is rumored to be pushing out a new color for its latest iPhone. (Via Makotakara)

Drone Scare A horse, scared by a flying drone, trampled three people at an event in Silverton, CO. The race features horses pulling skiers by rope. But in this instance, the horse ran down two women and a man who were injured. The rider had been trying to get the drone to fly away when the horse reacted. Drones are now banned at the event. (Via CBS News)

HoloLens Microsoft may not be feeling any rush to push out a new version of its AR glasses, HoloLens, and may be delaying any updates until 2019 according to a story from Thurrott. The news site says that although a HoloLens 2 had been in the works, there has now been a shift in priorities. There is speculation that without any major competitor in the AR space (like Magic Leap, which still hasn't put out a product) Microsoft doesn't feel any pressure to get a new version on the market.

Techiest Toys The techiest toys from the 2017 New York Toy Fair? Yes we have these: from a talking My Little Pony to Lego-like bricks which light up to music. These are the things you—and any kid you know—will want this year.

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