MonBaby Breathing & Rollover Monitor to Debut in Retailer's New 'Connected Living' Space

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Press Release:

NEW YORK, NY (July 26, 2016) – Target will soon expand its 'connected living' offerings with the addition of wearable breathing and rollover monitor MonBaby. Manufactured by MonDevices, Inc., MonBaby is a baby monitor in the form of a smart button that sends a baby's stats to parents via a complementary smartphone app.

The monitor will soon be featured in 444 brick-and-mortar Target stores across the United States. Each of these stores will carry the retailer's new Connected Home line announced in 2015, which features a selection of smart gadgets from world-renowned brands like iRobot and Samsung.

"Target has done an amazing job of embracing the concept of connected living, and it's an honor to be featured among the many innovative offerings in that space," said MonDevices CTO and MonBaby inventor Arturas Vaitaitis. "We're excited about the expansion from an online presence with Target to placement within the retailer's stores. It's a big win for us."

MonBaby has been available on and a multitude of other online retail channels since early 2016.

A portion of the brick-and-mortar stores carrying the device will by Target's Baby 360 specialty stores, which launched in 2013.

"The Internet of Things is becoming more and more commonplace as people incorporate it into their work, play and home lives," said MonDevices CEO Lev Grzhonko. "It makes sense for a forward-thinking retailer like Target to give this new category a prominent place within its stores, and we look forward to being a part of it."

MonBaby brings peace of mind to new parents by sending smartphone alerts about breathing, sleep position and proximity. It's an important tool in helping parents follow the American Academy of Pediatrics' safe sleep recommendations, which state that babies should always be placed to sleep on their backs.

To easily find MonBaby in a Target store near you, search for the product via For more information about the device and its manufacturer, visit


Based in New York City, MonDevices is a team of technologists, engineers and data analysts that are passionate about improving quality of life of those in need of care through wearable technology. The team members have more than 20 years of combined experience in diversified software and hardware development, quantitative analysis and problem solving. For more information, visit and


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