Tesla Self-Driving Car Kills Driver

Tesla Self-Driving Car Kills Driver

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Friday.

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Tesla Death A Tesla Model S in Autopilot mode, did not register an 18-wheel tractor trailer and drove, at full speed, passing under the trailer, and killing the driver. Although the accident happened in May, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) alerted Tesla that the group is investigating the accident. Self-driving cars have captured the public's interest, curious about vehicles that can drive themselves, or handle specific features. But how self-driving cars handle themselves during accidents, or preventing them, is still a concern. However, autonomous vehicles, or those with autonomous capabilities, are continuing to grow.

Apple Drone Flyover And we have more to show you from Apple Campus 2: You know, the campus that looks like a flying saucer. A new drone fly-over shows many more details, including a parking structure that can hold 11,000 cars, solar panels that can produce 16 megawatts of power and the 10,000 square-foot employee gym. (Sink your teeth in that one.)

Android Nougat Google, which likes to give its operating systems names of sweet things you'd presumably eat, (in alphabetical order) has tagged its latest: Nougat. What should expect from the new OS? To start, Android users will see two screens in one but more key? Nougat will support Google Daydream, its new VR platform.

Cables Still Rule Google's FASTER cable is now live, an undersea physical cable that delivers 60 terabits of data per second between Japan and the United States. This is hardly the first undersea cable, nor even close to the being the last. Facebook and Microsoft are constructing another across the Atlantic—at 160 terabytes per second. But Google's is pretty fast. (And you thought everything moved through the clouds.) (Via Wired.)

In The Sandbox You can read reviews of toys by the hundreds, written by adults. But GearBrain today launches a new series of reviews on connected toys—written by teens who use them. Our first is a look at Moff Band, and you'll be surprised at what our teen reviewer noted.

Fireworks! Don't have plans for any fireworks this Fourth of July? Check our site on Sunday for a list of virtual reality sparklers you can view from home.

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