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T-Mobile reports a data breach that happened in November

Some customer accounts had phone numbers and other details compromised

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T-Mobile has reported a data breach that has affected some of its customers, but has not revealed details about their accounts, including credit card information, email addresses or even names.

People have started getting text messages from T-Mobile if their account was involved, and the company has also posted details on its web site, and sent people links to additional information. On Reddit, people are also saying they're experiencing an increased in spam messages. In the meantime, T-Mobile says it has been able to stop — and close up — the access, and is now trying to find out what allowed the breach and what data was actually taken.

A T-Mobile storeCustomers can reach out to T-Mobile stores and even the web site if they have questionsGetty Images/iStock

The company refers to the data as "customer proprietary network information," or CPNI, which could include a phone number and even the number of lines on an account, and even details related to calls.

This breach follows one that happened to T-Mobile in March 2020 that resulted in more customer details compromised than this current concern, and included addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, rate plans and billing information, but not credit card and Social Security numbers. Then too the company said they were able to shut down the attack.

T-Mobile told BleepingComputer that the breach affected just .2 percent of their customers. But for those customers who are concerned, and just want to get more information, they can contact T-Mobile through their stores, on their web site or by phone.

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