Take a virtual spin through Tottenham Hotspur's new stadium
Tottenham Hotspur

Take a virtual spin through Tottenham Hotspur's new stadium

Spurs fans feeling wistful for a home of their own, can get a taste through free VR app

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Ahead of tomorrow's derby between the Tottenham Hotspurs and Arsenal, Spurs fans can get a virtual glance at where the club will play in its new stadium set to open next year.

Saturday's Premier League game will play at Emirates Stadium. But the Spurs will have a shiny new home of their own in 2018, complete with a Sky Lounge, members dining club, museum and even a 40 meter (131-foot) climbing wall running up the exterior. The stadium will reportedly be the third-biggest in the Premier League.

Fans can download either an iOS or Android virtual reality (VR) app that lets them pretend they're on the pitch — or take a 360-degree spin at the new stadium in its proposed glory online from the center of the field, checking out seats and luxury boxes. (Super Suites can hold up to 21 guests, Sideline Suites just 12.) SPVRS, the free app, (which stands for Stadium Project Virtual Reality Suite: a mouthful) is really meant as a marketing app for anyone interested in buying those ultra-luxe seats.

Using VR to either watch sports events or play sports games is a growing more popular. Fans have been able to tap into VR broadcasts of The Kentucky Derby to events during the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Live streams are also giving fans a chance to see how close — or far — the stadium is from completion. (Hint: don't expect to see climbing walls any time soon.)

The Spurs former stadium, White Hart Lane, which held about 32,000 seats, is doubling in size to 61,000 seats when it opens for 2018/2019 Premier League season. The new venue is also reportedly slotted to have a retractable pitch — with both artificial and grass turf — so the stadium can host National Football League games as part of a multi-year agreement.

When first proposed, the new stadium projections put the construction costs at £750M ($980M). Those numbers have been revised to upwards of £800M ($1.05B). Tottenham are making do playing at Wembley Stadium while their new field is in the works. But with the last home league win Arsenal had against Tottenham dating back to 2013, the Spurs may not be feeling any concern about being homeless, themselves, for now.

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