Uber Puts Self-Driving Cars on San Francisco Streets—California Says 'No.'

Uber Puts Self-Driving Cars on San Francisco Streets—California Says 'No.'

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Uber Rules Uber is making up its own laws now, test driving its autonomous cars on San Francisco roads even though the California Department of Transportation says the company requires a test permit. But Uber has basically decided to ignore the rule since last week, offering riders lifts in the cars despite not having permission to do so. California's State Attorney General has threatened to sue. But Uber, reportedly, says the law doesn't apply to them because they keep a driver behind the wheel. And they don't appear willing to compromise their point. Uber eventually wants to replace all its drivers with the autonomous technology. (Via BBC)

Facebook Drone Crash Facebook's drone crash was caused by strong winds which caused a malfunction in its autopilot system. So says the National Transportation Safety Board in its report about the crash. Facebook designed the drone project to deliver Internet service to remote areas, using the drone to relay signals to the ground below. (Via Fortune)

AirPods Down Under Apple's AirPods arrived in Australia and New Zealand last night—Monday morning there. The wireless headphones have taken a bit longer to get to market than Apple may have wanted. Expected to be for sale in October, the AirPods start selling this morning in the U.S. for $159. (Via MacRumors)

Tesla Fine Tesla is going to start charging people who hog the Supercharger spots after they've finished souping up their car. For those who stay more than five minutes after finishing charging, they'll get dinged 40 cents a minute. Drivers get pinged by a mobile app when they're done. Fines are delivered through the app. (Via The Christian Science Monitor)

Blink Security DIY security systems can be intimidating to home owners. We get that at GearBrain. Which is why we go through every detail about the Blink Home Security System to see if the set-up would work for you—and how to install the entire line.

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