Kickstarter game’s success will modernize “black box” technology

Kickstarter game’s success will modernize “black box” technology

A new VR/AR fantasy game will improve real-time, real-world flight information

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Press Release:

Miami, FL, 9.20.2016: If successful in their Kickstarter campaign, VarDragons, the next PokemonGo of the skies, will not only use virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) technology to turn real-world aircraft into capturable dragons for a great game play experience but will also support the modernization of black box technology. This means a successful Kickstarter project will offer commercial flights in the real world affordable transmission of valuable "black box", engine, and aircraft diagnostic information in real time. Kickstarter, start-up watchers, gamers and aviation enthusiasts will want to pledge to back this project, to see how a fantasy gaming experience can translate into the development of a more robust network for higher quality broadcasts of aircraft black box information. The broadcasts will occur between the network and on-flight hardware developed by VarDragons' partner company, AlulA. The Kickstarter will fund completion of this new mobile fantasy, VR/AR game. In turn, game play and in-app purchases will fund the hardware development needed to complete the AlulA device, ready it for distribution to airlines internationally and modernize commercial and enterprise flights.

Says VarDragons' & AlulA Aero's CEO Thomas Byrd, "The vision of VarDragons is to let all types of gamers--from those who love fantasy games and RPG to VR/AR enthusiasts to casual gamers-- enjoy a great game experience. We also suspect aviation enthusiasts will enjoy our dragon battles and want to be a part of our VarDragons network, knowing their game play means serious business--the business of modernizing real-time flight data. We are counting on early Kickstarter supporters to allow us to complete this AR/VR world, launch what we think is the PokemonGO of the skies, and play this innovative game which will lead to building a more efficient, detailed, and robust aviation communications network."

Game developer Bad Pilcrow's David Sushil adds, "We love this project because not only are we advancing VR/AR technology for better game play and creating a truly outstanding player experience, we're contributing long-term to a trend in the gaming industry--using game technology to address serious, real-world issues. In this case, the worlds of fantasy gaming and aviation modernization have collided in the best possible way."

Once the VarDragons game is funded by Kickstarter, the subsequent release and network impact will enable AlulA to develop the AlulA Heart, a small, patent-pending data-streaming device that will integrate into the digital flight data recording system, colloquially referred to as the "black box." The device will collect and encrypt data on-board the aircraft from multiple sources and broadcast it to the AlulA network of receivers on the ground--made more robust byVarDragonsplayers. This network will deliver real-time data alerts to decision makers regarding abnormalities in an aircraft, allowing for predictive, rather than reactive maintenance.The aviation industry estimates this type of predictive maintenance solution will save 20-40% in costs.

The VarDragons Game

In the game, the VarDragons of Vadhar come to life as real-world flights reveal themselves as the magical dragons they are. In VarDragons' medieval VR/AR realm of Vadhar--dragons dominate the skies ready for capture but disguised as airplanes. Using a player's mobile device, lovers of medieval realms, dragon battles, RPG and schools of dragons will marvel as real-time flight data reveals each dragon's unique features, distinguished by plane model, airline, and other flight features. Players point to these real-time flights and with a click of their mobile device, capture and build loyalty in their dragon horde.

Players who wish to expand their game play experience will purchase a special magic Talon -- a small antenna easily placed at home or work -- to strengthen players' realm of play by boosting a mobile device's range of detection of aviation telemetry data. It is this magic Talon which also improves the AlulA real-time information network.

About VarDragons

VarDragons is a company that evolved from AlulA, with the same leadership team. The leadership of AlulA recognized that a unique game story, use of VR/AR technology and the support of games' enthusiasts of all kinds would not only make for a fantastic game, but also help them improve the network required to make AlulA's better black box technology possible. In addition, game sales will fund the development of AlulA's hardware.

About AlulA

AlulA was formed in June 2015 in reaction to a tragic event: the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. The Miami-based company's mission is to provide a cost effective, universal solution for real time aircraft data streaming to avoid other catastrophes, provide real-time information to improve aviation when catastrophic instances occur and never let a plane go "missing" again. AlulA offers a unique system to affordably broadcast aircraft black box telemetry data in real-time.

About Bad Pilcrow

Bad Pilcrow is an independent game development studio located in Orlando, FL. The company's purpose is to continuously enhance the casual indie gaming experience through titles that blend artistic expression with fun, independent philosophies with approachability, and ingenuity with effortless usability - regardless of scope.

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