Next wave virtual reality is all about touch

Nomadic wants to bring virtual reality you can see—and feel—to movie theaters

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Virtual touch Virtual reality brings hyper-real visual experiences to people: you can walk on Mars, surf a wave, catch a free fall in the sky. But the next wave of virtual reality aims to weave the sense of touch into that environment to make what you're sensing feel even more real. Nomadic VR is a California-based company pushing on that forefront, hoping to stitch haptic touch into the experience into movie theaters and malls. (Via Tech Crunch)

Watch dog Apple has patented a new ability for its Apple Watch, creating a barrier around the device, reducing the number of notifications on the smartwatch if the wearer is driving. Even the screen lighting up when the watch is turned up would be dimmed. (Via The Drive)

Smart security Securing smart devices against hackers? Not an easy task. But the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has crafted a set of "Best Practices for Securing Home Systems" to help installers of devices such as home security systems. The guidelines cover details on passwords to setting up modems and routers.

Samsung debit Samsung wants to turn wearables into debit cards—linking a limited amount of money onto a device. The Verge mentions how this could be ideal for parents who want to give their children an allowance, and don't want to link a device that could be stolen or lost.

Smart doorbell Thinking of upgrading your regular doorbell to something more smart? Check out our guide on what to look for, and even how wireless doorbells work.

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