Why This Brand Is Being Called The “Tesla Of Wallets”

Have you ever driven a Tesla?

Let’s just say it’s not your typical car experience. With its silent electric motor, instant torque, and modern interior — it feels like when you climb behind the wheel you're entering the future.

What if you could extend that sensation to other products you use on a daily basis? Like your wallet, for instance.

Our men’s lifestyle editors set out to find a sleek, smart wallet that does it all in terms of design, precision, quality, and price. We took our search to social media and up popped Ekster.

Across the internet, we noticed people referring to Ekster as the “Tesla of wallets” citing their innovative tech, sleek designs, and optimized user experience.

Here are our 3 findings that back up Ekster’s bold claim:

1. Wallets Redefining Convenience with Innovative Tech

Similar to how Tesla pioneered the electric car movement, Ekster transformed the standard wallet into the “Smart Wallet.” Losing your wallet is a thing of the past when you utilize Ekster’s tracker card. Just a quick tap on your smartphone, and voilà! Your wallet's location is revealed, just like summoning your Tesla with a tap on your phone. And to top it off there’s no need to deal with the hassle of an EV charging station. Ekster’s handy solar-powered tracker requires only 2 hours of sunlight for 3 months of charge. So you’ll never lose it.

2. Sleek Design- Slimmest Wallet Ever Designed

Our favorite part of the Tesla experience is their spacecraft-like interiors accented with premium finishes. It’s safe to say Ekster doesn’t make your run-of-the-mill billfolds. They employ LWG Silver-Rated premium leather and space-grade 6061-T6 aluminum in their products that feel luxurious while also standing the test of time. Something we also look for in our everyday carry essentials.

Ekster offers “the world’s slimmest smart wallet” — the epitome of form meeting function, much like Tesla's sleek and aerodynamic cars. Plus, their wallets come in a diverse range of colorways and materials that feels just like picking out the perfect color for a new car.

3. Trigger Your Cards At Lightning Speed

Ekster wallets may not feature autopilot capabilities and large touch screens like Teslas. But when using Ekster’s patented card-ejection system, you’ll feel like Iron Man. Simply press the button at the bottom of your wallet — and boom — instant access to up to 12 cards. Fumbling through your bulky old wallet is a distant memory when you own an Ekster.

Final Thoughts

With flexible returns and fast shipping, Ekster’s affordable essentials combine classic style with elegant innovation. We were also impressed with their range. They have everything you need from iPhone and laptop covers, stylish bags and space-age aluminum cardholders to key holders and super-smart smart wallets.

Ekster the “Tesla of wallets” isn’t just a catchy community tagline, it’s a testament to the smooth feel, contemporary design, and cutting-edge technology of their products. This is one upgrade you will not regret.

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