World’s Smartest Pillow Live on Kickstarter

World’s Smartest Pillow Live on Kickstarter

ZEEQ Smart Pillow Streams Music, Stops Snoring And Helps You Sleep Smarter

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Press Release

ZEEQ, the extremely comfortable and intelligent pillow of your dreams, is now live on Kickstarter.

ZEEQ helps you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up at the right time. This pillow monitors your sleep stages and presents information in the free ZEEQ app. It even tracks your snoring with a sensitive microphone and gently vibrates if you snore too loudly to encourage you to change positions.

ZEEQ is not your ordinary pillow. Its also a smart pillow that responds to the data it collects. ZEEQ also:

  • Wakes you up with gentle vibrations at the optimal time shortly before your alarm if it senses you are naturally coming out of a deep sleep.
  • Allows you to record your daily habits and integrates with a wearable device that offers more sleep insight and tips.
  • Uses layers of memory foam in various sizes to combine the benefits of a contour pillow with the comfort of a traditional pillow.

For more information on ZEEQ, please visit their Kickstarter page.

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