This Smart Device Is Powered By Air!

This Smart Device Is Powered By Air!

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In today's technology world, there is a lot of buzz around the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it's going to simplify our lives. Everyone is talking about the connectivity of these devices and the benefits it can offer. But did you know there are new smart devices which were built on a 140-year design and manufacturing process which is still relevant in today's IoT world? Let me introduce Schott Zwiesel's new Air and Zwiesel 1872® Air Sense glasses, he new smart devices that enable aeration using ultra low energy power to achieve perfection in the wine.

Schott Zwiesel Air design is a true work of art which uses air technology to make the perfect wine glass. The Tritan® technical advancement in the crystal glass eliminates the harmful lead content with Zirconium and Titanium. Zirconium adds brilliance and exceptional clarity to the glasses, while Titanium adds durability, and break / chip resistance. The Tritan Crystal® Glass composition, along with manufacturing technology exclusive to Schott Zwiesel®, delivers an exceptional lead-free crystal glass in appearance, durability, and design. Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal is "the world's best crystal glass".

How is a wine glass a smart device? Its' simple. A smart device is a device which works with other devices or a system to do things that make your life more convenient or easier. In this case, Zwiesel 1872 Air Sense's s decantation sphere in the bowl is the device which works closely with other devices (i.e. the air in the glass and an ultra-low energy source - moving the wine glass in a circular motion) to achieve the perfect glass of wine.

For over 140 years, the company has continuously made manufacturing improvements which resulted in an environmentally friendly production facility, and efficient, cost effective production. These investments have helped make the glasses which are works of art at an affordable cost.

If you are a techie and love wine, then you should consider adding the new smart devices, Schott Zwiesel Air and Zwiesel 1872 Air Sense glasses to your tech stack. They are products that are unique, beautiful and functional in today's wine enthusiast's world as well as the Internet of Things.

Update: Follow this link to Sur La Table to check out the Schott Zwiesel® Air Collection: the thinnest, lightest stems and bowls made from lead-free Tritan® crystal glass.

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