Apple Watch is losing major apps

Apple Watch is losing major apps

Apps from Google Maps to Amazon have stopped updating their Apple Watch support.

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Apple defection Major apps have ended their support for the Apple Watch. Although these apps are updated for devices including the iPhone, they're not for Apple's smartwatch. Apps including Amazon, eBay, Target and Google Maps are not showing support for Apple Watch in the App store. But at least one company, Google, told Apple Insider that they expect Apple Watch support will return.

This news comes as Apple has decided to extend its warranty for another year on the original Apple Watch. The problem is reports of swelling batteries on the first-generation Apple Watch. These issues have been reported by wearers since last year—where batteries are expanding so much as to cause the cases to be affected. The devices are not exploding. But the issue is enough to keep the smartwatch under Apple's umbrella for another year.

IoT diapers Would you buy a device that promises to tell when a diaper is soiled—without parents needing to use the old smell test? Monit is a prototypical pebble-sized gadget that promises to read temperature, humidity and gas from inside a diaper. Those three are meant to tell a parent when its time to change their child's diaper so a baby doesn't sit in discomfort. No it's not available yet. But we wonder if parents would pay for this option rather than just follow their nose. (Via TechCrunch)

Netatmo review We certainly know all about smart security cameras—and Netatmo Presence is an expensive option. But John Quain puts the (yes, expensive) connected security device through its paces and gives us his reasons as to why he thinks the Netatmo is worth a look, and one of the better options on the market today.

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