"Apocalypse Now" may be a VR game, because the movie's not terrifying enough

"Apocalypse Now" may be a VR game, because the movie's not terrifying enough

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Apocalypse Now Francis Ford Coppola (yes, that guy) has headed to Kickstarter to fund a VR game version of his famous movie. His pulled together a rather large group of game designers from titles including "The Witcher" and "Wasteland 2," and hopes to raise $900,000 in the next month. If funds exceed $3 million, the game will be drafted in VR. Rewards include a digital version of the game, all the way up to Associate producer credit, tour of the Family Coppola Archives and "unique original Vietnam collectibles," presumably from when Coppola was shooting the movie. The levels have clever names culled from the flick including Willard. No one, it seems, gets to be Kurtz. And that may just be a good thing.

Daydream Apps Google opened the Daydream VR platform—allowing anyone who wants to develop an app for Google Play. Yes, there are requirements. But up until now, only a handful of companies could actually build apps for Daydream users. Have an idea? Have a go at building one yourself.

LA Tunnels Here, we're talking about traffic and car and a random tweet from Elon Musk yesterday about building a tunnel. "Plan to start digging in a month or so," Musk's tweet brought a series of skepticism and typical Musk excitement into Twitter for a few hours. Musk, of course, heads Tesla. so perhaps he's thinking of a special driver lane for his autonomous, electric cars.

Apple Patent Apple earned a new patent for the Apple Watch that turns the band into different modules which can be sensors, batteries, displays and even speakers. The band may also link to "different input devices," says the patent filing. Will we see an Apple Watch band like this? As with all patents, they may never come to production.

Pixie Dust Pixie trackers got an upgrade today, adding augmented reality to the way the device helps people find their missing items. Fun or functional? Here's our take.

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