Apple's Campus 2 delays blamed on trying to get it perfect​

Apple's Campus 2 delays blamed on trying to get it perfect​

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Perfect Apple As we've shown you over the past year, Apple is building a new headquarters, called Campus 2 (Apple sure loves the obvious.) And perfect is clearly the enemy of getting your building finished on time. The new site, which is set to open this spring, had delays because of Apple managers asking for changes that were maybe not structurally necessary but aesthetically so. Case in point? Fifteen meetings on signage so they looked right. These details definitely affected final builds and the overall timeline. But then again, what is Apple without its perfection of design? (Via Reuters)

BeatsX Ready New wireless earbuds from BeatsX are reportedly about to ship starting this Friday. The earbuds are designed by both Beats and Apple for use with iOS devices and are priced at $150--pretty close to Apple's own $159 AirPods. (Via MacWorld)

Nintendo Switch Nintendo has announced more than 60 gaming titles for its new Nintendo Switch platform--enough to get gamers salivating. There are big names in there as well from Minecraft, Lego Worlds and The Legend of Zelda. Nintendo classics are covered too with Super Mario Odyssey and Sonic Mania. (Via Forbes)

TV Tracker Yes, your smart TV is definitely spying on you. Well, they can. But the feature is supposed to be an opt-in option--not the default setting as was on Vizio's screens says the FTC which just hit the company with a $2.2 million fine. The Verge reports that Vizio was collecting information about what people were watching -- including even a Blu- Ray disk

VR Super Bowl Didn't take the time to glean highlights of last weekend's Super Bowl LI in VR? We did and can tell you if we think the VR app scored a touchdown, or not.

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