Bangkok, Thailand - December 12, 2015 : Apple iPhone5s held in one hand showing its screen with numpad for entering the passcode.

Apple's iPhone 7 Coming Next Week

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Tuesday

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Apple Date The iPhone 7 is coming Sept 7, the next press event that Apple is holding in San Francisco. Apple fanatics are holding out not just for new iPhone. Nope. They also want a new Apple Watch and potentially an upgraded iPad as well. Apple, of course, characteristically isn't saying anything either—except that the event will be at 10 am at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, Ca. If you crash it, let us know. (Via Fortune)

Pikachu Shoe Get bored easily by your shoe wear? Vixole may have a solution—a customizable pair of sneakers that allow you to draw or upload an image from your smartphone, then watch the picture appear through LED lights on your shoe. The design even adjusts its brightness if it's daytime, or night. One design even vibrates if a Pokémon is nearby. A Kickstarter is expected to launch Vixole's shoes in September. For now, just crave.

Autopilot No-No's Tesla may be adding new restrictions to Autopilot following some recent accidents using the feature. Although Autopilot is a self-driving feature, it's not actually meant to be used to allow your car to drive completely driverless. Tesla wants to make sure car owners understand this, according to a story from electrek. What are these changes? Electrek says that alerts sent by Autopilot will require drivers to respond in such a way that if they don't—Autopilot will deactivate.

Lights On Lights Off Philips just added a new feature to its line of Philips Hue smart bulbs: motion sensors. Walk into any room—the hallway, bathroom, kitchen—and on come the lights. You can even program the intensity of the lights, so if you're prone to some night time strolls you don't wake up your significant other. The $39.95 sensor is available starting in October.

Race Training Sure your Apple Watch can keep track of your steps. But you're a runner. You need something a bit more robust. We have a slew of fitness trackers to pick over that are tailored better to your morning run than just a step counter. C'mon. The New York City Marathon is just around the corner.

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