I Spy You On My Front Porch

I Spy You On My Front Porch

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Tuesday

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Hit Record August Home is now allowing users to record people ringing their bell. The new service, called August Video Recording, is launching with a free six month trial for those who buy and then activate an August Doorbell Cam before the end of the year—clocking in at $4.99 a month or $49.99 for a one-year plan after that. Why would you want to record someone at the door? Let's just say with this option, doorbell ditch is a thing of the past. But security footage is something consumers seem to be interested in having access to—particularly with the holidays arriving, and package delivery concerns. August is also storing up to 30 days of video history with the service. So you can watch that nervous first date knocking again and again.

Big Spending Samsung Samsung just kicked down $8 billion to buy connected car company Harman. The Stamford, CT.-based Harman actually makes auto parts for the self-driving car world including software. (Via WSJ)

Hot Smartwatch Tired of having to juice your smartwatch nightly? A new device called PowerWatch says it can keep running just from your body heat. You can't buy the $170 smartwatch in stores—you have to go on Indiegogo to pre-order prior to its launch, which should be sometimes in July 2017. If you buy one, please let us know. (Via Mashable)

Drone Delivery A Chinese company, JD.com, has launched its new drone delivery service focusing on rural areas near Beijing. Etailers and retailers from Amazon to a frozen yogurt shop, are playing with how drones could help bring customers their purchases faster. While some of the test runs seem like marketing ploys. JD.com already has 30 drones up and running and hopes it will have more than 100 delivery routes going by the end of the year. (Via Fortune)

Thermal PowerThermal devices are catching the public's interest including one, Walabot. Besides being a 3D imaging device (able to easily locate studs in the wall) Walabot is a pitching speedometer, a VR tracker and much more. Want to know our thoughts? We hoped you'd ask.

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