best obd 2 connected car

Best OBD 2 and connected car devices

These scanners and trackers can help you know what's happening to you car, with a few extra features as well

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Be prepared, proactive, and primed before you put the pedal to the metal. These OBD (On Board Diagnostics) II devices are aimed to aid automobile owners and technicians with self-diagnostic and reporting capabilities beyond compare. GearBrain's previous round-up is now more robust as we give a rundown of these newer models that are faster, and extremely user-friendly.

Foxwell NT301 Can OBDII EOBD Code Reader

foxwell 301 obd 2 device

This OBD 2 reader works with all cars from 1996 through today


Foxwell is a trusted brand with tons of tools and testers to choose from. The $69.99 Foxwell NT301 is designed to diagnose engine issues in real time with the freeze frame data feature. The device works with all '96 to today's most recent cars, SUV's, and minivans and features nine languages for speakers of all sorts. Easy to read and diagnose problems, this OBD II is a solid choice.

Available on Amazon.

Innova Diagnostic Tool OBD2 Part#3040e

innova best obd 2 device

Innova lets you check the engine and battery with this $75 OBD 2 device


Even first-timers can troubleshoot like a pro with the Innova Diagnostic Tool OBD2 Part#3040e. Check your engine and battery, with this device which should set you back $75. Reset your oil service light, and view real time info in a flash. Accurate and fool-proof, this tool is one OBD II that's easy for anyone to operate.

Available on Amazon

Nonda Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

nonda best obd 2 device

Nonda is small, but deliver readings to your smartphone


Billed as "the most compact OBD product in the market," the $59.99 Nonda Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor is super small but delivers superb readings right on its connected app on your smartphone. The "health" of your vehicle is vital, so let this monitor aid you in keeping on top of issues that may arise. Installation is a breeze and the real-time alerts are a potential life-saver.

Available on Amazon


humx best obd 2 device

HumX offers crash response, a perk of this OBD 2 device


For the ultimate connectivity for your car, HumX is an all-around auto helper that clips on, connects to an app, and provides a wide range of services and safety measures that can be accessed hands-free and fast. Its OBD II technology is another perk of HumX's many fine features including crash response and number share. Before you drive, detect and diagnose, and when you need assistance, the mechanics hotline is there to help. You'll pay $69.99 plus $15 a month.

Available on Verizon


FIXD best ODB 2 device

Pull up mileage and get maintenance reminders with FIXD


Plug the $59 FIXD smart sensor into your auto, pair with the app, and your OBD II needs are readily available for diagnostic data and so much more. With continual monitoring for measuring your engine as well as other features like mileage detection and maintenance reminders, FIXD is your fix when you need to figure out what's going on with your auto.

Available on Amazon


picture of autobrain best obd 2 device

You'll pay a small monthly fee for Autobrain's OBD 2 device

Autobrain is chock-full of useful features for automobile safety, from crash response to roadside assistance. But since we're on the topic of OBD, its imperative to discuss Autobrain's "car health" hub which implements OBD II capabilities in its detailed diagnostic alerts and mechanics on call to help manage what may be going wrong. For an all-in-one automotive tool that's one touch away, Autobrain will set you back $29.97 plus about $10 a month in fees.

Available on Amazon

Foxwell OBDII/EOBD Code Reader NT201

foxwell 201 obd 2 device

The Foxwell NT201 has a color screen for easy reading


Another Foxwell selection is their OBDII/EOBD Code Reader NT201. Great for beginners and those who need a quick read before revving their engine, this reader will run you about $45. The color screen makes for clear reading and all the essentials are spelled out, from emissions levels to engine conditions. Auto-updates allows users to get the latest technology as it's released from the manufacturer.

Available on Amazon

BlueDriver Professional Scan Tool

Picture of Bluedriver best OBD 2 device

You can run smog checks with the BlueDriver OBD 2 device


Use your smart phone as a diagnostic tool with an app that's convenient, easy-to-use, and full of fantastic features smartly styled and sophisticated. The $99.95 BlueDriver is a sleek system that takes the knowledge of OBD II devices and makes it more powerful by displaying the data the way we do things today. From smog checks to live data capture and so much more, this approach will unleash your modern inner mechanic.

Available on Amazon

Autel Autolink AL539

autel best obd 2 device

You can listen through speakers for details like meter readings with Autel


Easy to use, fully functional for all 10 modes of OBD II, and fitted with a unique patented State Emissions readiness check, the Autel Autolink AL539 is a smart choice for an accurate and advanced ODB II tool. The device, priced at about $80, lets you check levels and data on the bright screen or listen via speakers for meter reads, voltage, freeze frame, and more. Diagnose and do it simply, with a straightforward device before you drive.

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