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photo of 100 anniversary display at CES Show 2024

The Best of CES 2024: New Smart Devices and Tech for Today

Explore our Editor's Choice Award winners from CES 2024, showcasing top tech and innovations.

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Gearbrain Editor Choice

After spending four days at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, we can finally showcase the smart devices, gear, systems, and innovations that just got released to the market or will be coming to market sometime this year. And this year's CES Show has very similar trends to last year's show. Many technology companies continued to focus on interoperability, sustainability (with energy management in mind), security, and accessibility. For our Editor's Choice Award this year, we looked for products and services that solved practical problems for the consumer, including people with disabilities. We also looked for devices that helped the environment and were easy and fun to use. And yes, we did include a smart TV, but not because it was big, but because it was big and could act as the hub for your smart home.

Here are the winners of GearBrain's Editor's Choice Award for Best of CES 2024:

Withings BeamO

photo of Withings BeamO is display at CES

Withings BeamO


Digital health devices are becoming smarter, and the good ones are getting FDA-Clearance which is extremely important. This means the data these new smart medical devices generate is accurate, and a medical professional can use it to help manage your health. At CES 2024, Withings, a global health tech leader, introduced BeamO, a compact 4-in-1 health assessment device. This innovative "multiscope" with FDA clearance offers ECG, oximeter, stethoscope, and thermometer functions. BeamO revolutionizes at-home health monitoring, making telehealth more effective.

BeamO will be available at retail in June 2024 for $249.95, following FDA clearance of its ECG capability.

TCL 115" QD Mini LED Smart TV

a photo of TCL 115" QD Mini LED smart TV on display in TCL booth at CES Show 2024

TCL 115" QD Mini LED Smart TV


Of course, we have to include a big smart television as part of our Best of CES Show 2024, and for this year's show, TCL did come out with a unique large smart TV. It is the world's largest QD Mini LED smart TV and our Editor's Choice Award winner.

TCL's new QD Mini LED TV, the 115QM89, features an impressive 115" screen size, making it the ultimate addition to your home theater setup. This exceptional model is equipped with QD Mini LED ULTIMATE technology, boasting 20,000 dimming zones to deliver stunning visuals. To ensure unparalleled image quality on such a grand scale, TCL has integrated the powerful TCL AIPQ ULTRA Processor, providing the necessary processing power for precise zone control. In addition to all the standard features found in other QM8 models, this 115" masterpiece includes a 6.2.2 Channel Speaker system, delivering immersive and room-filling sound to complement its spectacular visuals.

TCL's 115QM89 will be on sale in 2024 on TCL's site and major retailers.

Current Model G Dual-Zone Electric Grill

a photo of Current Model G Dual-Zone Electric Grill opened and pan on the grill for woodchips.

Current Model G Dual-Zone Electric Grill


One way to help the environment is to stop using propane gas when you grill and use an electric grill. But are electric grills capable of grilling your favorite steak? Today, we found a smart connected electric grill that offers a convenient, efficient, and enjoyable outdoor cooking experience. Whether you're a seasoned grill master or a beginner, this grill provides valuable assistance and ensures your food is perfectly cooked. And we know because we tasted samples at the CES Show.

Our Editor's Choice Award winner is the Current Electric Model G Dual-Zone Electric Grill. This innovative grill offers industry-leading performance, cutting-edge connectivity, and unmatched design. With full Wi-Fi capability and a user-friendly app, you have complete control over your grilling, making it effortless to entertain and unwind in your backyard. Its 330 square inches of cooking space and dual-zone versatility set it apart as the only full-size 110V electric grill on the market, capable of reaching 700 degrees. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional gas grills and embrace the future of grilling.

Starting at just $899, the Current Grill is available at, offering a seamless, high-performance cooking solution for outdoor gatherings.

GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker

a photo of GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker on display at CES Show 2024

GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker


Since we are talking about BBQ and smart electric grills, how about a smart appliance that can smoke your favorite meat inside your home? At CES, we were introduced to GE Profile's new Smart Indoor Smoker, the first indoor electric smoke with Active Smoke Filtration. And winner of our Editor's Choice Award for CES 2024.

The Indoor Smoker offers an innovative approach to smoking food with features like Active Smoke Filtration technology, Precision Smoke Control, and Five Adjustable Smoke Settings. It efficiently converts real-wood smoke into flavorful, warm air while maintaining a smoke-free kitchen environment. Users can achieve unmatched smoke and temperature control, customizing smoke intensity and temperature separately for perfect flavor. Six Preset Food Settings make cooking favorites like brisket, pork ribs, and chicken wings a breeze, while Smoke and Hold ensures food stays warm until serving. And the food does taste pretty good. We got to sample a unique beef recipe at the show, and it was delicious and tasted like BBQ.

GE Profile Connect+ enables remote monitoring and control via the SmartHQ app, while a co-branded cookbook, temperature probe, and cost-effective pellet system enhance the smoking experience. With a compact design and ample capacity, it's perfect for various dishes, and dishwasher-safe components simplify cleanup.

If you want to pick one up, you can get one from major retailers nationwide for $999. You can also learn more on GE Profile's website.

Segway Navimow i Series Robot Mower with AI

a photo of Segway Navimow i Series robot mower and AI Camera at CES Show 2024

Segway Naivmo i Series Robot Mower with AI


Many smart homes today have at least one robot vacuum to help keep their floors clean, but not many have ventured to get a robot to help them mow their lawn. But after walking at this year's CES Show, we saw many manufacturers offering new smart robot mowers that use autonomous driving technology to help trim your grass. However, the one device that stood out for us was the one provided by Segway, the company best known for personal transporter devices. Their new Navimow i Series robot mower can map your lawn independently. As a result, they are a winner of our Editor's Choice Award.

Segway's Navimow i Series is set to launch in early 2024, making it easier for smart homeowners to effortlessly achieve a perfectly maintained lawn. One of the standout features of the Navimow i Series is its Exact Fusion Locating System (EFLS) 2.0, which incorporates an advanced Real-time kinematic (RTK) system for precise positioning. This innovative technology is complemented by an integrated vision system that enhances the mower's ability to navigate and operate with unmatched accuracy and stability. The combination of RTK and vision-based positioning allows the robot mower to adapt to various residence scenarios, from open spaces to densely landscaped yards. The vision system also enables the VisionFence feature, providing exceptional obstacle avoidance capabilities and ensuring the mower can handle various obstacles, including trees, curbs, running children, and small animals. With comprehensive smart features, including AI-powered assistant mapping, hands-free mowing, and robust design for outdoor conditions, the Navimow i Series ensures flawless lawn maintenance, making it a valuable addition to any homeowner's outdoor arsenal.

ESR 15 W Car Charger with MagSafe and CryoBoost

a product shot of ESR 15 W Car Charger with MagSafe and CryoBoost

ESR 15 W Car Charger with MagSafe and CryoBoost


Do you connect your smartphone to your car's USB via a cord and use it for navigation or music? If so, you probably notice your cell gets rather hot, which is not good. ESR has a new device that can help solve this and keep your smartphone cool while giving you the sound or directions you need while driving. It's their new 15 W Car Charger with MagSafe and CryoBoost and the winner of our Editor's Choice Award for CES 2024.

The ESR 15W car charger is ideal for anyone seeking efficient and reliable charging on the go. This innovative car charger is officially certified for MagSafe charging. It comes equipped with CryoBoost phone-cooling technology, ensuring your device stays cool and charging at maximum speeds while on the road. Its powerful 15W fast charging capability is designed for iPhone 15/14/13/12 series phones, providing the ultimate convenience and speed.

How does the cooling work? Its CryoBoost phone-cooling fan and advanced heat-dissipating components work together to keep your phone cooler during charging, ensuring efficient charging and protecting your device's battery from overheating. The charger's secure magnetic lock, with 2,000 g of holding force, keeps your phone firmly in place even on bumpy roads, while the strong vent clip and 3-point support arm guarantee that your phone remains rock steady as you drive. ESR offers customer support, setup videos and FAQs, a 12-month warranty, lifetime assistance, and personalized help, ensuring a seamless experience with their product.

Whether commuting or embarking on a road trip, the ESR 15W car charger with MagSafe and CryoBoost is your reliable companion for hassle-free and efficient charging while on the move. And you can pick one up on Amazon for only $99.99 today.

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Abode Edge Camera

Abode Edge Camera product shotAbode Edge Camera features Moirse Micro's CERTIFIED HaLow System-on-chip solution.Abode

One of the issues smart homeowners face with outdoor security cameras is connectivity. Many are limited with where to position their outdoor security camera because of the Wi-Fi signal. Abode has figured out how to fix this issue by using a certified Wi-Fi HaLow chip solution and artificial intelligence in their new outdoor security camera to give you exceptional connectivity outside your home. And the solution is their new outdoor security camera, Abode Edge Camera. It won our Editor’s Choice Award for Best of CES 2024.

The Abode Edge Camera has a 1.5-mile transmission range, which is ten times greater than traditional Wi-Fi security cameras offer. This expanded range allows users to position the camera in any spot outside their home for optimal coverage. And when you factor in extended battery life and AI to help prevent false alerts, you have a smart home security device redefining securing the outside of your home at an affordable price.

The Abode Edge Camera will launch in late Q1 2024 with an MSRP of $199.99. You will be able to pick one up by visiting Abode’s website.

Audio Radar, System to Help the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Play Video Games

a person holding Audio Radar device at the CES Show 2024

Audio Radar


​Many new products for the gaming industry were being released at the 2024 CES Show. There were new controllers, games, and accessories. One accessory we saw that was very unique was a system designed to help the deaf and hard of hearing to play games. It’s called Audio Radar, and they are a winner of our Editor’s Choice Award.

Audio Radar’s technology is very unique. It helps the deaf and hard of hearing players see directional audio events like a gunshot or person closing up behind them using LED indicators. Their technology can take 7.1 encoded audio channels and flash the LED indicators surrounding the monitor or TV screen to tell the player where to focus. It works with all versions of Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch. You can also use it on a PC or any gaming console with an HDMI source.

Users can pre-order Audio Radar on the company site for $399 today.

Owlet FDA Cleared Dream Sock and BabySat

a photo of Owle FDA Cleard BabySat display at CES Show 2024

Owlet FDA Cleared Dream Sock and BabySat


One of the biggest worries for parents and medical professionals today is the data these smart baby devices generate. Is it accurate? Can we trust what they report? With Owlet's new FDA Cleared devices, you can. Being FDA Cleared means the data-gathering process provides real-time insights with medical grade accuracy. As a result, we are awarding our Editor's Choice Award to Owlet's Dream Sock and BabySat devices.

Dream Sock is a medical pulse oximetry solution for infants that doesn't require a prescription. Extensively tested in hospitals and at-home settings, it complies with all relevant performance and safety standards, providing accurate and actionable data to parents. Using the Owlet Dream app, users track pulse rate and oxygen levels in real-time.

BabySat, another FDA-cleared device, combines hospital-grade accuracy with Owlet's modern, wire-free sock design. Designed for infants between 1-18 months and 6-30 lbs. with acute or chronic medical conditions, BabySat is available through prescription only.

You can learn more about these devices on the GearBrain and Owlet site. And you purchase units on the company site, too.

Buy Owlet FDA-Cleared BabySat

Buy Owlet FDA-Cleared Dream Sock

Swann MaxRanger 4K Solar Wireless Camera

a photo of a person holding Swann MaxRanger 4X Solar Wireless Camera at CES Show 2024

Swann MaxRanger 4K Solar Wireless Camera


At CES Show 2024, we saw another outdoor security camera with an incredible connectivity range, 4k resolution, and built-in solar panels to provide exceptional security coverage outside your home. It's Swann's newest outdoor security camera, MaxRangerTM 4K Solar Wireless Camera, and it, too, is a winner of our Editor's Choice Award for Best of CES Show 2024.

Swann's MaxRanger4K Solar Security System boasts an impressive wireless signal range, offering 20 times the coverage compared to other Wi-Fi security systems. You can effortlessly install each 4K day/night camera anywhere outdoors, with the flexibility to position them up to 650 feet (200 meters) from the included Hub. They have built-in solar panels, sensor lights, sirens, 2-way talk functionality, color night vision, 'AI' capabilities for people, and vehicle-triggered alerts. They also provide the recording to the Hub's 64GB local memory, capable of storing up to 12 months of rolling clips and cloud storage without incurring monthly fees. Users can monitor various applications using the Swann Security app, from large homes and small businesses to rural properties and farms.

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