Chevrolet Bolt EV 2017

Chevy Bolt Drives Almost As Far As Tesla — For One-Third The Price

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Bolt's Surprise Chevrolet just dropped the bomb on the electric car market with news that its 2017 Bolt EV can go 238 miles between charging. Tesla? The company says it can go a maximum of 302 miles (most go far less), depending on the battery. The catch? Tesla's Model S — which has the larger range of its models — is priced at $110,000 or more. Chevrolet Bolt EV? Somewhere just north of $37,000

Apple iOS 10 Kinks Besides the Kwikset Kevo conundrum, other issues came along with the new operating system update. There were reports that some devices got memories wiped, or even worse—iPhones bricked. Apple even suggested people update via iTunes, and not wirelessly, and to back up their devices. So, yeah, backup your iPhone people.

Don't Be This Guy We know it takes time to get used to flying a drone. Crashing, falling — it's all part of the learning process to becoming a steady pilot. But flying a drone into your own head? Probably not a confidence booster — and honestly, potentially quite dangerous. But that's what happened reportedly to YouTuber fpv hack in Australia after what looked like a solidly-controlled flight. Until it wasn't.

Self-Driving Car Degree Want to know how to design and potentially even build your own self-driving car? There's a class for that. The online university Udacity is launching three 12-week courses over nine-months on the technology behind autonomous vehicles. All the classes will be taught online, and partners include Mercedes-Benz and Otto (the company behind the self-driving semi trucks.) Each course costs $800. But there are scholarships available. But inly 250 seats are available, and more than 1200 applicants have already applied.

iPhone 7 Speed Review Want to know the bottom line on the iPhone 7? We did a mashup of some of the top reviews that you can speed read in under two minutes. On the fence of whether you're going to buy one or not? This might help sway you in one direction or another.

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