Comcast Partners with Tile to Bring First Voice & Video Control Location Service to Smart Homes
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Comcast Partners with Tile to Bring First Voice & Video Control Location Service to Smart Homes

Xfinity customers will be able to locate their Tile devices from anywhere with the X1 voice remote and get to see results on their television.

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Today, Comcast announces a new partnership with Tile, a location software company, which will provide Xfinity customers with the ability to use their X1 remote to locate any Tile device anywhere and see the actual location on their television. For those of you who haven't heard of Tile, it is a square shaped keychain-like device that has a little hidden button on it. You can attach or place it in anything like your keys or your wallet and link it up with an app on your smartphone. This is a good addition to Comcast's Xfinity platform which has seen a number of new smart home integrations accomplished in the past few months for its millions of customers.

Tile integration on Xfinity X1 platformComcast

According to a survey from Esure Home Insurance, the average person spends more than 60 hours a year looking for misplaced items. Tile is the world's best-selling Bluetooth tracker, helping users locate over three million items every day, including cars, backpacks, suitcases, keys, and wallets.

"This is a home automation partnership that helps solve real-life problems," said Sri Solur, Senior Vice President, Comcast Cable. "Now, when a child arrives home from school, a parent can simply say, 'Xfinity Home where's Sam's backpack?' into their voice remote and see that it was left at school. This is just one of the many peace of mind features we are making available to our customers on our evolving home automation platform."

Tile now integrated into Comcast's Xfinity PlatformComcast

So how does it work? According to Comcast, just attach a Tile Bluetooth tracker to any item, such as a pocketbook, briefcase, keys and even your child's backpack. If you misplace your item or it's stolen, Xfinity X1 customers can use their voice to locate the item. You just have to say, "Xfinity Home where are my keys?", "Xfinity Home find my purse", or "Xfinity Home locate Sam's backpack" and Tile will display the last known location and address of the missing Tile on your TV screen. It's that easy.

"Tile is creating a world where everyone can find everything that matters," said Mike Farley, CEO and Co-Founder, Tile. "With the smart home being central to so many consumers' lives, we are thrilled to be partnering with Comcast. Together, we are bringing greater peace of mind to Xfinity customers in their home, providing a streamlined experience for them to quickly locate their things no matter where they are."

Tile appears on your television on Xfinity platformComcast

Tile is a good connected device especially if you have a tendency to loose things or leave things behind without knowing. This addition to Comcast's Xfinity platform is smart and helps enhance its features for their millions of customers who are looking to take advantage of the benefits a new connected lifestyle.

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