Comcast Xfinity xFi subscribers get new smart home features

New real-time notifications will alert xFi users about their devices and Wi-Fi connections at home

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Comcast's xFi users are getting a parcel of new features today meant to help them speed up and control how they navigate their Wi-Fi network. There are four new kinds of notifications that subscribers will now be able to get from when a device connects to their Wi-Fi to changes regarding their passwords. All the new alerts are around security — what links up to Wi-Fi, how that network is accessed and by whom.

To start, xFi will send a notification when a new device links up to the xFi network. If it's something a customer recognizes, they can open their xFi smartphone app or go to the xFi website, name the item and then link it to a specific member of their household.

A second notification will let you know if your Wi-Fi network and password has been changed. While any authorized user can make these changes, all other people authorized on the network need to re-connect through that new name and password.

Third, customers have the right to make their network completely open — without needing a password. But if they've set a password, and the network suddenly switches to open, they'll be notified about that as well.

Finally, xFi users have been able to hide their network name from being found. For those who live in dense areas, and maybe don't want others to know they have an Wi-Fi network, this is a option that lets users stay hidden. But if that changes, if the network suddenly becomes discoverable, xFi customers will get a notification about that as well. So too if their IP address suddenly changes.

All these features are free and available as of today to Comcast's xFi customers.

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