Your DVR Tried To Shut Down The Internet

Your DVR Tried To Shut Down The Internet

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Monday

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IoT Zombies By now, you've heard about the hacking attack on Friday that took down the internet. Well, the internet is fine. But for several hours, three separate attacks clogged up the network, to basically make it impossible to reach web sites from Paypal to Twitter. The culprit? A malware code called Mirai that infected IoT devices including DVRs and security cameras, getting them to send messages by the hundreds of thousands. We'll break this down later today, and explain how you can try and protect your own devices from becoming zombies.

New MacBooks At the Apple event this week on Thursday, the company is expected to pull back the curtain on new MacBooks—but iMacs and displays? Not this year. However a 15-inch MacBook Pro is reportedly on the table with a Retina display and Touch ID. Other details, including the butterfly keyboard, are also expected. (Via MacRumors)

Sweden: Camera Drones No-No Sweden has said that camera drones are surveillance equipment—and therefore banned. The only people who can use them are essentially crime fighters such as police officers. Many in Sweden are, understandably, not thrilled and have warned the Supreme Administrative Court (which made the ruling) that this could harm the industry. (Via Aftonbladet)

Drone Down In the U.S., police actually shot at drones used during a protest in North Dakota on Sunday. The drone was one of several used by those who are protesting the Dakota Access pipeline. But officials said the drone had threatened a helicopter flown by an officer—and shot at the flying device instead as they felt scared. (Via Associated Press)

Top Tech Toys For Teens Looking for a present this year sure to slick a smile on your teen and tween? We've got you covered. We culled the IoT toys our teen reviewers gave the thumbs up to, to make your holiday season a little simpler.

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