Drones that shoot fire

Drones that shoot fire

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Monday

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Fire-shooting Drone In China, drones do much more than just fly. To deal with trash that gets caught on electrical wires, like plastic bags that float in the wind, one electrical power company sends up drones that shoot fire to burn up the unwanted material. Yes, it appears to be a bit dangerous. But Gizmodo says the company believes the drones are safer than sending employees up in cherry pickers. But don't expect these to show up at your local drone shop as drones that shoot fire are highly unlikely to appear in consumer form.

Samsung Leaks Someone's leaked the user manual for the Galaxy Tab S3. Details hint that the new device will be usable with a stylus, the Samsung S Pen. There are also purportedly going to be four speakers , front and rear camera, and a fingerprint scanner in the home button. (Via Android Headlines)

Barbie Hologram Barbie's gone virtual—at least in a new prototype from Mattel. The virtual hologram of Barbie debuted at Toy Fair who speaks ala much like Alexa and Google Home. There's a wake phrase: "Hello Barbie" and you can ask her to change clothes, and get her to tell you child to go to bed. The toy is not available yet. It's just a concept. But here's thinking there are parents (and kids) who would like nothing more than a Barbie at their bidding. (Via Wired)

Hacked Doll While we're not sure how Barbie would fare, a doll named Cayla has been banned by the German government for fear that its technology could be hacked. The doll, which connects via Bluetooth and WiFi is being pulled from toy stores and parents are being told to deactivate the toy. (Via NBC News)

Lego Speakers Speakers that stack on top of each other like Lego and light up when working? Yes, there are. Called aiFi Bluetooth speakers, we spent some time with these unusual—and expensive—speakers to give you our thoughts on how they might fit into your smart home entertainment system and hub.

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