Dubai to buzz with Ehang's passenger drones

Dubai to buzz with Ehang's passenger drones

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Tuesday.

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Ehang Does Dubai Self-flying helicopter company Ehang may have found the perfect city to roll-out its passenger drone: Dubai. The company has already sent its flying machine over the city's skies. But now the city is reportedly going to start regular service with Ehang's 184 drone beginning in July. The self-flying car is reportedly able to fly for 30 minutes per ride and is likely to appeal to Dubai's residents who may want a chance to, well, fly above the traffic known to plague the city. Dubai wants 25 percent of all transportation to be self-driving (or self-flying) by 2030. (Via The National)

Virtual Weather Virtual reality may soon include add-ons like wind, cold and heat. Researchers at the National University of Singapore have played with clip on fans and gadgets that can give VR users the sense of cold air flying past their face while virtually skiing or the heat and sweat of hiking in a virtual desert. (Via New Scientist)

Robot Farmers Farming at the University of Georgia's College of Engineering has gone high-tech: robots and drones are as likely to be seen as green shoots growing from the ground. The gadgets are helping researchers take more frequent, and accurate, measurements of plants to learn more about how to grow plants that are more robust, and adaptable. (Via AG Web

DC's Self-Driving Push Two senators want to help push the adoption of self-driving cars. At issue are current federal laws that say autonomous cars must have steering wheels and brake pedals. Carmakers believe these requirements may be stalling self-driving cars. (Via AP)

Wi-Fi Workhorse In our ongoing push to review every Wi-mesh device on the planet, we took a look at Linksys Velop. If you have a large space, and having trouble getting online, you're going to want to take a peek at our thoughts.

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