Elon Musk: People should be afraid of A.I.

Elon Musk: People should be afraid of A.I.

Space X and Tesla's founder wants people to prepare for the potential dangers of A.I. — and he's serious.

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Danger zone Elon Musk believes that artificial intelligence (A.I.) should not be taken lightly — and actually wants regulatory oversight of the technology. Space X and Tesla's founder told the U.S. governors during their annual convention this weekend to start learning all they can about A.I. and quickly.

Musk spoke during a Q&A with Nevada's Governor Brian Sandoval at the National Governors Association summer meeting, noting that A.I. has the potential, in his eyes, to bring down civilization. One way Musk cited that A.I. could hurt humans would be by automating fake news, email accounts and even fake press releases to spread misinformation and start conflicts.

Bear in mind these warnings are coming from a man who wants to jack humans directly into computer networks with a start-up called Neuralink — implanting devices into the brain that would upload data. Even so, Musk's concerns of A.I. becoming a dangerous, rather than helpful, technology to human kind are worth noting. And while Musk has stated he traditionally isn't a fan of heavy government regulations, in the case of A.I. he's willing to make an exception. (Via The Washington Post)

Ding Dong The doorbell rings, and we inquire who is there — that is, if you can hear the door. Ring, the maker of smart doorbells, has pushed out a new device that extends the distance you can hear the chimes, and also, the Wi-Fi range in your home. Sound like a confluence of tools? We took a look at the Ring Chime Pro, testing out the new gadget, and giving the device a whirl.

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