FBI Says, 'No Thanks' To Apple

FBI Says, 'No Thanks' To Apple

Gear Up On Five IoT News Bites To Start Your Tuesday.

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FBI Drops Apple Case. After gaining access to the alleged San Bernardino shooter's iPhone 5C, the FBI dropped its case against the tech company. The government agency filed a three-sentence brief late yesterday stating they had "successfully accessed the data," stored on the phone. How the company cracked the phone, and the operating system, is not mentioned in the document.

Print 3D From Your Phone. OLO, which grabbed attention during New York's Maker Faire last fall, is now on Kickstarter—raising nearly 17 times its goal of $80,000 with 21 days still to go. The device, about the size and depth of three decks of cards, turns smartphones into 3D printers by sending instructions on what to print, and then using the light of the phone to harden the object.

Fitness Apps Gone Bad. Consumers may love their fitness trackers. But if the app turns into a frustrating experience, the device is a goner, no matter how sleek its design. Argus Insights report, released today, flagged more than 136,000 reviews of wearables finding that how consumers feel about fitness apps impacts their overall feel of trackers.

Samsung's Heads-Up-Display. Samsung is promoting a concept that would allow motorcycle riders to view information on their windshield. A small projector beams data off a smartphone from navigation instructions to text messages. Commonly known as a heads-up-display the idea has been kicking around for awhile.

Drones As Thick As Flies. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is not pleased. Nearly 600 drones were spotted—and recorded—close to airports and even airplanes over a five month period, ending in January of this year. So notes the most recent data from the FAA, who pointed out that sightings "have increased dramatically over the past two years."

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