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Flying Car Pre-Orders If a Tesla seems just a little too mundane consider this: a flying car named (of course) Liberty. The company PAL-V is taking pre-orders for either the basic model at $399,000 or a luxury model for $599,000. The car can both drive on the road and fly through the air says the Netherlands-based company. The flying machine is said to be able to reach 112 mph in the air. Airbus is making a similar promise, a flying car is hopes to see hit the market as a taxicab by the end of the year. And there's also Ehang, which is expected to hit the air this summer in Dubai. PAL-V says they expect to start delivering the car by the end of next year.

Smart Car Mercedes is making plans to pull the plug on its gas-powered Smart car in the U.S. If you live in United States you only have until the end of 2017 to get your hands on one. After that, Mercedes Benz will only sell electric versions of its Smart car. Europe will still be able to buy the gas model. (Via CS Monitor.)

Nest Knows Doors Nest just gave its smart cameras the ability to detect doors. As part of its new Nest Aware (which requires a subscription fee) network, Nest cameras keep track of a specific area its in its view and lets users know about movement. Activity around its doors are going to be part of that option.

Fingerprint Patent Apple has a new patent—a way to read fingerprints without a sensor. The technology works through what Apple Insider calls "micro-LED sensing" to read the fingerprint which is different then how iPhones work now where a finger has to be in contact with a specific area of the device. This technology could become a part of the iPhone 8, expected this year, which is rumored to potentially not have a home button—where the fingerprint is captured today.

Valentine Delay If you're guilty of missing Valentine's Day—or just want to spread the love a bit more—we have some quick ways to digitally push out a sweet missive. Just calls us romantics.

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