Now That We’ve Paid the Mortgage, It’s Time To Protect Our Possessions With Home Security

Now That We’ve Paid the Mortgage, It’s Time To Protect Our Possessions With Home Security

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My husband and I have come a long way since we moved into our first apartment in the city 6 years ago. Since then, we moved to the suburbs, pay a mortgage, got life insurance, and finally feel like real adults. We now own nice furniture, big appliances, and little gadgets -- all things we've worked hard for. In the past, we used joke if we forgot to lock our doors, because we doubted anyone who would break in would actually want our gross couch with stains on it or our tube TVs. However, times have changed and now, we have real valuables we want to protect, so recently I started to look into some home security options.

A coworker of mine had just installed Frontpoint's interactive plan, so I gave them a call to find out how they compare to other security systems. I've heard that they're very tech-forward, and let you manage the control panel from your phone. I know virtually nothing about them, but my father told me that he used to have another brand which always went off from false alarms, and the police would show up and charge him exorbitant fees. I was nervous that this would be way out of our price-range, but my oldest just started going to school, so I planned to use the money I would be saving on childcare to invest in home security. I spoke to a customer service rep and had her walk me through the process.

She started by asking about my background and home so we could design my personal security system and pricing plan. I learned that their app alerts you of any break-ins right away. Through this app, you can also set the control panel to "stay" mode or "away" mode when you're inside or outside of the house. While that sounded convenient, I worried about getting hacked. She told me that they have government encryption on their app so you won't have to worry about that. Their security system is unique because they operate on a cellular-based model instead of an internet-based one. Most are internet-based, and would make you more vulnerable to hacking. With Frontpoint, you don't even need a wi-fi connection for it to work safely and securely.

I was a bit concerned about my sliding glass doors and my kids and cats running around all the time. I told her that I didn't want them setting off the motion sensors. She told me that everything is pet-friendly (as long as you don't have a 140 pound tiger!) and can be used at night with your children. All you have to do is stick the sensors onto the walls, and they peel off easily without ruining your paint. I walked through the layout of my house and she tallied up all of the motion sensors I would need for my doors, plus one for the basement.

My dad had also paid a fortune for the installation fee of his security system, but the rep said that everything at Frontpoint can be installed yourself. They walk you through the whole process and explain the one-time equipment fee and the flat monthly rate for the crash and smash back-up protection plan for a 36-month period, (my annual plan averaged around $500 after the equipment fee). She emailed me a quote right away. They give better rates to people with good credit, so I was eligible for a few discounts, that brought the price much lower than I was expecting to pay. Having over-budgeted, I was happy to know I could spend that extra money elsewhere. She also told me there was a 30-day risk free trial period, and I could email her directly after I talked to my husband about it. I called around to other companies, but none gave the full package of perks and reasonable price that Frontpoint did. So I emailed the rep to get started.

Installation was just as easy as she said it was, and I did it all by myself, guided step-by-step on the phone. There is no reason to be intimidated by it. I'm glad I made this choice, because now my husband and I feel that our valuables, our children, and ourselves are safe, thanks to Frontpoint.

To find out more about Frontpoint or speak to a representative, you can either visit or call 1-844-238-7088.

Also, to learn more about about home security, you can visit Home Security Options: From DIY To Professionally-Installed to learn more.

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