Gear Up on IoT: Philips Hue Issues Mea Culpa + Fly With Pegasus

Gear Up on IoT: Philips Hue Issues Mea Culpa + Fly With Pegasus

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Five IoT news bites to start your Thursday.

Philips Hue did an about face this week, deciding not to block third-party bulbs from its proprietary system. How IoT products link and work together is of big concern to consumers who want to make sure their smart home devices connect. A fix to Hue’s recent software upgrade — that initially excluded outside bulbs — is in the works.

Afero — a new launch from former Danger co-founder Joe Britt — promises to bring more security to IoT devices though cloud-based encryption. Security concerns loom large in the IoT world, and start-ups are looking to ease this worry for consumers. Afero is partnering with Qualcomm on its launch, and expects to see products using the new security tool on the market next year.

Another smart home camera? Spot is jumping into a crowded market as an HD camera. The device picks up on smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and can time lapse a full-day of recorded video into a few seconds. Interested? Check out Spot’s Kickstarter campaign.

The stationary bike is a the perennial gym joke — often used a clothes hanger more than a fitness aide. But VirZoom believes the exercise bike is ready for an upgrade, turning the bike into a VR game. Riders can be thrown into the middle of a high-speed car race, even a rollicking ride on Pegasus. (Yes, you read that right.) The bike serves as the controller, and pre-order sales start at under $200.

Finally, have a VR idea of your own? Japanese video game publisher Colopl wants to hear about it — putting together a $50 million venture fund to invest in virtual reality gaming. Developers, pay attention.

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