Meet Waymo: Google's (Renamed) Self-Driving Project

Meet Waymo: Google's (Renamed) Self-Driving Project

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Wednesday

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Google Spins Self-Driving Google's self-driving project got a new name: Waymo and a promotion to its own company under the Alphabet umbrella. The decision also showed that Alphabet may shift away from plans to build its own self-driving car and move instead to provide its autonomous technology to other car makers. Tech companies and carmakers from Uber to Ford are eager to make a mark in the self-driving vehicle arena. Whether the end result will be a car that completely drives itself, or one that contains autonomous ability that can be stopped by a driver—or both—is something the market is watching avidly. (Via The Wall Street Journal)

AirPods Take 2 Apple has finally released its wireless headphones, the AirPods, promising that orders placed now will arrive by December 21 Priced at $159, the AirPods has had some set-backs with Apple delaying their release and not offering a date. The devices will also be available next week in physical Apple stores. They are said to work with any Apple device running the latest version of iOS 10, watch OS3 or macOS Sierra.

Cortana Is Coming The next Windows update is expected to include Cortana, Microsoft's virtual assistant—and should work on any device that has a display. Like a smart home product. Cortana will be able to turn on objects that are in sleep mode via voice, and could end up as a serious contender to Siri and Alexa. (Via TechCrunch)

Android Things No, that's not an imperfect description. That's Google's rebrand of its IoT project, a simpler version of Android designed for Internet of Things devices. Google just released a Developer Preview (so companies can start playing with the operating system). And the company says that some solutions are already available to help companies build with Android Things including Intel Edison and Raspberry Pi 3.

We Talked To a Futurist Schlage has a futurist on staff: Rob Martens. (Shouldn't we all?) And Martens walked us through where he sees the smart home market going—and what younger generations will want going forward.

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