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Google Expands Ride-Sharing Service in San Francisco

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Wednesday

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Google Carpools Google will expand its car-sharing service piloted this spring in San Francisco through Waze, which Google bought in 2013. Certain users have been able to track commuters through the Waze app, and hail a shared ride for a low fee. The service, though, is not an on-demand ride the way Uber and Lyft works. Basically you're hitching a ride with someone who may be going your way, and chipping in for some of the gas. (The driver will set a fee, which The Wall Street Journal reports is 54 cents a mile.) The idea is not that far off from the Casual Carpool service which launched in San Francisco, and grew exponentially during the 1990s, helping to give riders free lifts typically from the East Bay to San Francisco (or the reverse) and allowing drivers to then use HOV lanes to get more quickly to their destination. Now, though, you'll be able to carpool across San Francisco for a fee—and from anywhere you can see someone driving by on Waze.

IPhone 7 Details Here we go: The new iPhone 7, set to be announced next week, will not have a headphone jack, but instead have earbuds connect via the Lightning port. But the next iteration? The iPhone 8, may actually see the home button disappear., wireless charging—and facial recognition or iris scanners. (Via Forbes)

Shotgun Blast Downs Drone Robert Duvall's neighbor saw a drone flying too close to his home, and did the neighborly thing—blowing a hole in the drone and bringing it crashing to the ground. Jennifer Youngman who lives in Virginia, pulled out a .20 gauge shotgun, and hit the drone twice as it flew near her home after inspecting Duvall's. The pilots apparently, and understandably, weren't thrilled with their bullet-ridden device. (Via CNET)

Papa John's Gets The Munchies Because, Papa John's knows everyone wants to order pizza while glued to the tube, the pizza chain has developed an Apple TV app. Just click, point, and build your pizza from your television screen then submit the order. You can even save and order from past munchie attacks. How could this get even better you ask? Ordering through the Apple TV app gets you a 25 percent discount. Seriously, why aren't you running to your set right now.

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