Hackers reportedly threaten millions of iCloud accounts

Hackers reportedly claim to have access to millions of iCloud accounts

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Apple hack Apple users once believed their devices were not hackable. This has never been true. But if you need any further evidence, hackers are now reportedly trying to hold Apple ransom saying they have access to more than 600 million icloud.com, mac.com and me.com accounts—with more than 200 million of them connecting to account without two-factor authentication. The hackers, who call themselves the Turkish Crime Family, are saying they could completely wipe millions of iCloud accounts if not paid $150,000 in the next few days. Some suggestions for users who have one of these accounts? Change your password, and then enable two-factor authentication. (Via PC World)

VR theme ride A new virtual reality ride, the Day of Doom VR is coming to a Six Flags park in Illinois where riders will see giant spiders while diving into a free fall. The ride is part of a partnership with Samsung, and is reportedly going to be available through Memorial Day.

Fertility test Researchers have developed a smartphone add-on that may eventually allow men to test whether they're having some issues at home: checking the viability of their sperm. The device plus app can do a reading in a matter of seconds, and push results on to a smartphone screen. The study says the device had a higher than 98 percent accuracy rate.

Don't blink Any decent "Doctor Who" fan knows the tale of the Weeping Angels. There's a virtual reality game for both Apple and Android users that turns you into a Time Lord battling these creepy creatures. Take a look—fast.

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