Why Everyone's Jumping on Board This Cloud Pharmacy for ED​ Medication

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Performance issues in the bedroom are embarrassing no matter how often they happen. Some men experience ED consistently, while some only suffer occasionally, like after having too much to drink. Unfortunately, getting treatment can be embarrassing and time consuming, so many men brush off the problem or ignore it. Nobody understands this predicament more than Roman, the hot tech startup providing secure and discreet ED treatment online. Roman's founder, Zachariah Reitano, realized how dysfunctional the ED doctor-patient experience had become, so he created a better option for the millions of men suffering to get relief safely and discreetly.

When I was 17, I experienced erectile dysfunction. I think in a good way I've become numb to the embarrassment. I remember the embarrassment of having the condition with no solution, and that's much worse than sharing the fact that I had it and was able to fix it myself.

When left untreated, the consequences can be serious. Living with ED, can plague relationships and torpedo the confidence and mental health of men suffering from it -- it's far more than just a sex issue. ED is often an early-stage warning sign of more serious health problems including cardiovascular issues, diabetes, depression, and high cholesterol. Too many men either ignore the issue, or turn to unlicensed services that can be dangerous and unreliable. In fact, over 80% of all Viagra sold online contains dangerous additives like paint and even printer ink. That's why Zachariah founded Roman.

If my coming out makes it easier for someone without treatment to get treatment, my embarrassment pales in comparison.

When you navigate to the site, you're guided through a two minute online exam. Based on your responses, Roman will put you in touch with a licensed doctor. Dr. Steven Lamm, medical director of NYU Langone's Center for Men's Health is among the impressive staff of doctors working with Roman. You'll get access to the most commonly prescribed ED medications delivered discreetly to your door. Relief (and pleasure) is made that simple through this hot tech startup that's solving this sensitive men's health issue.

If you qualify, you have the chance to examine the medication options, ranging from name brand drugs like Viagra and Cialis, to the generic Sildenafil. The generic comes out to around $40 for the first three months, after the introductory Roman discount.

Though over half of all men experience it, fewer than 20% actually address the problem. Roman is changing that by helping men get treatment safely, and privately in the comfort of their own homes.

Update: The folks over at Roman are extending a special offer to our readers. Follow this link to get your first Roman box free up to $50!

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