Dance parties and live DJ events on Instagram

8 virtual DJs and dance parties to hit on Instagram right now

Today is International Dance Day, so now you really can dance like no one is watching — because they aren't

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Dance instructors and famous DJs are giving away their joy, time and energy for free on social media, with exercise classes to dance parties turning your bedroom into a make shift club. Celebrities are even tuning in, with Oprah and Michelle Obama joining DJ D-Nice for one of his events, and Emma Stone recently showing up to Ryan Heffington's class for an impromptu duet of "You're The One That I Want."

These classes are more than fun, they're community — people can see how many others are on a Live Instagram (the numbers of viewers are visible on the upper right), and comments and hearts that float across the screen not only let those hosting know who is there, but everyone else too.

Wednesday April 29, is International Dance Day. But you don't need a random holiday to start dancing right now, and luckily these people are available on Instagram— and you can find someone almost any hour of the day. Even better, for those who have never felt completely comfortable with their dancing skills, you can truly dance like no one is watching, because right now, they aren't.


DJ D-Nice with a following of more than two million, seems to be spinning more frequently than you'd expect. (Honestly, it feels like he's live every time we log on.) Thousands tune in here to listen to his sets, which can be high energy and sometimes supremely soothing. There are times he'll shout out to those who are watching, and comments make the live events feel like a giant party. It's a great way to end the day or pack some energy into one that doesn't seem to end.


Coachella's postponed until October, but you can catch Diplo (who also played last year) on Instagram where he's been spinning live for his 5.8 million followers. Diplo doesn't post when his next set will be. But follow him, and you'll know when he drops in and is live. He's one of the mega-celebrity DJs on Instagram, and there's a reason for that, he knows what he's doing.

Club House

if you're hoping to hear from some people who don't have millions of followers, drop into the Club House every Saturday at 5 pm ET. You'll hear a rotation from live DJs who aren't household names yet, as the show doubles as a fundraiser for those that aren't perhaps as famous as D-Nice and Diplo. You can donate if you'd like too (that's always nice), or just drop in to Club House to hear sets and pickup some new people to follow.

Nick Waterhouse

Musician Nick Waterhouse hosts a daily show, (he calls it a Cocktail Hour,) from 4 to 6 pm PT — weekends excluded. But then he'll also post on Instagram about upcoming live shows, like the one today, Wednesday, from 6 to 7 pm PT. Waterhouse is currently in Los Angeles (hence the west coast time) to mix his latest album. So it makes sense that today's set is actually going to be on Amoeba Record's Instagram handle to help raise funds for the iconic music store which started in Berkeley, California. (Let's save Amoeba!)

Ryan Heffington

We don't know where Ryan Heffington gets his energy from, but we are supremely grateful. The choreographer and instructor serves up live classes practically daily on Instagram. Thousands show up to learn some dance steps, but really to just grapevine, and jump with him joyfully leading the way. Surprise celebrity appearances have been happening more frequently. Emma Stone popped up last week, and actor Margaret Qualley is set to join him this Thursday. He's one of the best hour's on Instagram you'll spend this week.

Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez hosts — or had hosted — a live set called Quarantine Radio, which had guests from Drake to Wiz Khalifa. Lanez was banned from Live by Instagram (some issues of nudity, apparently), but Lanez recently posted to his 9 million followers he would be back, potentially soon. If you follow him you're bound to hear when the next show is live.

Mark Kanemura

A former dancer for Lady Gaga, Mark Kanemura is hosting dance parties on Instagram. They are amped, giant exuberant events — and while they're certainly something you could call an exercise class, they're far more. Kanemura recently posted what his place looks like after he's finishing one of his sets — and they're what we wish all of our parties looked like at the end full of costumes and color. He is not posting exactly when he's holding live classes, but follow him on Instagram to see when his live shows pop up. (They will.)

The Get Down

Finally, for something a little slower speed, weekly parties from The Get Down happen Saturdays — the next one is May 2 at 8 pm ET. There are guest DJs, and some spoken word and meditation on The Get Down Dance Party. (We meant it when we said this was a little more chill.) People can share themselves dancing, live, throughout the broadcast in virtual hangouts. So here, if you really want to, people can finally see how you dance.

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