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International Drone Day Takes Flight May 7

Gear Up On Five IoT News Bites To Start Your Friday.

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International Drone Day Plans for next weekend? Cancel them. International Drone Day is May 7 with 150 events strewn across the globe from the Maldives to San Diego, CA. From 3D modeling of drones to a chance to fly your own, activities vary depending on the location. But the day is meant for both dedicated drone pilots and those who just want to learn how to fly without crashing. (Seriously, it's just not that easy.) Want to find somewhere close to you to bring your own quadcopter—or learn how to make one as well? Check the map below. San Diego and New York both have robust events plans for the day. They're free—plus studded with science, engineering and tech activities. (There, now you have an excuse to bring the kids too.)

IoT of Scent A startup hopes to transform the way you think of scent: imagining different fragrances, and the way they are dispersed, as more like music or a story. Cyrano, a scent speaker, plays what its founders call "mood medleys," from anywhere a consumer wants—their car, home or even at work. Founders are also working with health groups to look at the potential medical implications for the $149 device.

Google's Vacation Helper Just as summer plans start to percolate, Google is quietly testing an app called Google Trips. (via Androidworld) From screenshots, the app appears to scrape your Gmail account to grab details about upcoming trips, promoting spots you may want to visit while away. Only those using Google Maps Local Guides seem to currently have access.

Free VR Headset Don't want to pony up the $10 for a Google Cardboard headset? If you're a online subscriber to The New York Times, you just need to put your hand out for one. The 300,000 "most loyal" subscribers (those who have stayed with the online version the longest) will get a headset in May. Haven't subscribed to the digital paper? You could just buy your own VR headset fairly easily as well.

Track Your Teen Ever wondered how to keep track of your teen without pinging their smartphone every hour? Telematic devices, used by employers to know where their workers (and cars) are during the day can also help you know where—and how—your child is driving. From IoT devices you can add to your car, to simple apps, the days of making your 16-year-old call if she's going to be late may be over.

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