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Apple updates its OS to correct a bug that made MacBook Pro run too slow

Owners of the latest MacBook Pro laptops can download a fix now

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If you thought your MacBook Pro was running just a bit slower, you are likely correct. Apple has pushed out a fix that undid a bug in the machine causing the processing speed to pull back so the laptops didn't get too hot. While great for the computer — that throttling was not what Apple advertised in their laptops.

The problem is tied to the newest line of MacBook Pros, which went on sale in July. The software update for macOS High Sierra can be installed on laptops. Users, however, will only be download the fix to the newest 2018 MacBook Pro models with the 6-core Intel processors, as this is the computer that's affected.

Apple claims the bug is not something set up by the computer company, but an unintentional code in the program. The problem first came to light on July 17 after YouTube reviewer Dave Lee found that his MacBook Pro with the Intel processor wasn't hitting speeds as promised.

In his video "Beware the Core i9", which has hit nearly 1 million views, Lee noted that the computer was running slower than any MacBook he has ever used, ".way slower than it should be," he said. Lee calls the issue "thermal throttling" referring to the way the computer pulls back on its processing speed.

"This degree of thermal throttling is not acceptable," he said. "This is something Apple shouldn't put out on the market and blindly sell to people, because a lot of people who purchase this device will never know their laptop is throttling to this degree."

Within days, Apple began to work on a fix after finding that the Mac OS did indeed force the computer to start operating more slowly because of concerns around the machine getting too warm.

Computers — from desktops to laptops — often have measures that they take to prevent them from overheating. Most users don't notice these details, or they'll hear a fan start blowing if they've been working for some time.

The slow-down in the case of the new MacBook Pro models appeared to be over the top.

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