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Mexico's Liga MX soccer teams to get AI-powered Pixellot video coaching system

Mexico's Liga MX soccer teams to get AI-powered Pixellot video coaching system

Unmanned cameras follow play, stitch video together and send to coaching staff in near-real time

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Having already beaten reigning champions Germany in this year's FIFA World Cup, Mexico's national squad and all Liga MX teams will soon benefit from a tech boost, via the Pixellot video coaching system.

Tel Aviv-based Pixellot and Mexican technology partner seeUplay have announced the video coaching system will be installed in all 18 stadiums of Liga MX — Mexico's first soccer division — and the national team's training ground ahead of the 2018/19 domestic season, which kicks off on July 20.

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Designed to be used by teams during training and live matches, Pixellot's system uses several camera to generate panoramic footage of the entire pitch. Coaching staff can view frame-by-frame footage of their players, enabling them to review each set-piece and passage of play is minute detail.

Pixellot's footage can then be fed into player and game-tracking software and performance analysis programmes, ready for coaches to scrutinise from the sidelines. Through the system's cloud connection, coaching staff can view near-real time video of gameplay. The footage sent to staff include automated highlights, high-end graphic, editing tools and scoreboards.

The system uses unmanned cameras to record the entire pitch, then uses artificial intelligence to stitch footage together to follow the play. The footage below shows how Pixellot automatically follows the game without human control.

The technology will bring Mexico's 18 Liga MX teams — and their youth academies — on par with clubs from England's Premier League, Spain's La Liga, and Germany's Bundesliga, where clubs already use Pixellot coaching systems.

"We're excited to equip Mexico's top teams with state-of-the-art coaching technology," said Eduardo Gorodzinsky, director general of seeUplay. "We see very promising talent in Liga MX's youth teams and have no doubt that the Pixellot coaching systems will contribute significantly to their development."

Pixellot chief executive Alon Werber said the technology "will be instrumental [in] elevating the level of play by virtue of it power as a coaching tool...Mexico's top players are demonstrating their high level of play the World Cup and I'm positive that with comprehensive video coaching they will improve their skills and performance."

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