Best of MWC 2019: GearBrain names the hottest new mobile tech devices

Folding phones and 5G dominated the headlines at Mobile World Congress 2019

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This year's Mobile World Congress (MWC), held in Barcelona, had two huge themes — folding smartphones and 5G.

The former, folding phones, is the first draft of an answer to years of steady smartphone stagnation. The latter, 5G, is worshipped by many who believe it will revolutionize not just phones, but cars, smart home devices, and everything in-between.

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As ever, Mobile World Congress is a show more suited to the largest companies than the smallest. While there are halls full of small tech firms striving for recognition, they often offer services at the enterprise, or business, level. Others are companies not quite ready for consumers, or do not have confirmed plans for entering the U.S. market.

But the bigger names, and a couple of old faces, made a return to MWC to show off what we think will impact your life in the coming year. Here are GearBrain's favorite devices from Mobile World Congress 2019.

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This wearable aims to combat dry eyes caused by excessive screen time

The Umay wellness wearable doesn't even have a smartphone app — that's how much those behind it want us to step away from the screen and give our eyes a much-needed rest.

In a bid to combat dryness caused by not blinking while staring at computer and smartphone screens, the Umay uses so-called 'thermal meditation' — warming up and cooling down — to help increase moisture in your eyes without using drops.

Those behind Umay suggest the device is used as part of a daily wellness routine, instead of only when your eyes feel dry. The company also explained to GearBrain how guided meditation sessions are also included, with instructions to breath delivered in the form of gentle vibrations emitted by the device.

While tech giants like Apple and Google begin to combat excessive screen time with apps — which are, of course, on screens — we like Umay's relatively low-tech approach.

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