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Everything new players need to know in World of Warcraft Classic in 2024

Classic Warcraft Reboot: Experience Simplified Gameplay and Epic Raids

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Classic Warcraft appeared as an option for gamers after the project set a course for simplification and character development without a strong emphasis on grind but more on the emotions of new lands and raids.

This format suited some of the new players and did not appeal to the old-school players, who were used to making efforts and uniting against common enemies. Classic Warcraft is a reboot of the old chronicles, which have already moved into the WoW Cataclysm stage, where players will have to move from the icy lands to the wasteland created by the dragon Deathwing.

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Start of the game

The classic version is not much different from the World of Warcraft of that time. However, the main changes still affected the graphics and interface, making them more modern and relevant to the current online gaming industry.

You will still choose your faction and race, which you want to play fully.

A game path awaits you from the first to the 85th level, where you will encounter a system of quests, grinding, PVP against a hostile faction, raids, and simply exploring Azeroth.

The main adventures await you on the icy lands where the Lich King begins and the wastelands of Cataclysm.


Any progress in World of Warcraft begins with the quest system. If you are initially introduced to the control and review system, then gradually, the tasks will become more complex and require moving around locations and active grinding and hunting to complete the quest and receive boosting in WoW Cataclysm.

Quests are suitable for players who do not know or do not want to deal with other game mechanics and are ready to follow the path of development and leveling in World of Warcraft, which was proposed by the developers from Blizzard.

This way, you will receive advice and recommendations on developing your hero. You will receive rewards and weapons that, in the opinion of the developers, are suitable for gamers at each stage of leveling up to level 85.

So, if you follow only the system of quests related to the plot and help local residents in solving their problems, for which you will receive experience and gold, sometimes weapons and armor, but you will have to look for resources in other ways, especially if you engage in professions and crafting.


This is a hunt for monsters that takes place in most locations of Azeroth. This method of pumping and obtaining resources depends only on the duration of the gaming session and the time that you are willing to spend on the locations.

Quests will help you find the best locations, but keep in mind that during boosting in World of Warcraft Cataclysm, you may encounter representatives of the enemy faction in common locations.

Hunting helps you accumulate resources, which can be used to craft weapons, armor, jewelry, and other useful items.

Considering that in the classic World of Warcraft, leveling up and obtaining gold is much slower than in the main version, the development of professions will significantly help strengthen your hero, regardless of race and faction.

a screenshot from WoW gameProfessionsWoW


In WoW Classic, economics and timely preparation for strengthening the character at different levels play an important role. Since your boosting in World of Warcraft Cataclysm will be unhurried and gradual, a weapon prepared in advance for level 40 can significantly help you when the previous type of weapon begins to be irrelevant for hunting in new locations.

It is important to select skills for your class and ensure in advance that you have access to resources for full-fledged production to strengthen your class and potentially earn gold.

Suppose you are a tank, a warrior, or any other class focusing on steel armor and weapons. In that case, blacksmithing will suit you because it is a universal skill that works with heavy armor and weapons and assembles sockets for inserting special stones that will suit all classes without exception. In conjunction with this profession is mining, which extracts ore and precious stones in mountainous areas, but to master the profession, you need to buy a pickaxe in any major city.

If you are an archer or any other class that loves light armor, you need to turn your attention to leatherworking and skinning to gain resources.

You will also need a knife for cutting up killed animals, but unlike mining, you can cut up other people's prey if this player has not learned the skinning profession.

If you are a magician, then you do not need an auxiliary profession to obtain fabrics - you will get everything you need in the process of hunting and can process it yourself, and it is better to use the free slot for inscription or jewelry-making. Both professions are great for a magician and, in principle, are in demand among players because they allow you to create recipes for crafting, staves, and jewelry to protect from magic and resist adverse effects.


One of the simplest and most interesting ways to get all the necessary and relevant hero boosts for the current level is to go on raids.

In them, you can have an exciting and bright time fighting against a dangerous boss and his entourage in a group with other players and, if you win, receive a boost in WoW Classic and various equipment and weapons, which will depend on your luck and the selected difficulty level for the assault.

Different difficulties will affect the drop from dungeons and the time it takes to destroy the boss, as well as its capabilities, damage, and unique skills.

The most dangerous boss at the moment in World of Warcraft Classic is considered to be Deathwing - an ancient dragon, because of whose attack the Cataclysm phase began, which led to the thawing of the lands of the Lich King from the eternal frost.


WoW is a constant battlefield, and this is felt much more strongly in the classic version. All because of the constant and irreconcilable confrontation between two factions - the Horde and the Alliance, and you will join one of them.

You will have constant enemies and allies, so you must always be on your guard outside the peaceful zone.

You will be able to take part in large-scale battles for territories or in local battles in local hunting zones. For this, you will receive various rewards, such as medals of valor, which can be exchanged for special equipment and weapons with bonuses for battles between players.

Remember that you should not attack low-level players - there is no reward for this.


WoW Cataclysm is a new addition to classic Warcraft that reboots all the most challenging and iconic updates released to bring players who love hardcore back to the Azeroth servers.

You will be boosted in WoW Classic up to level 85 in the lands of the Lich King and Cataclysm, and leveling up your hero will not be a simple and quick task, but this is the main charm of such games.

Everything comes slowly, and leveling itself takes a very long time. Given the constant need for confrontation between the Horde and Alliance factions, this only increases the value of alliances between players and encourages them to stick together, which will help them make new friends.

A quest system awaits you, designed by Blizzard developers to train beginners and allow them to develop and strengthen their heroes step-by-step without having to create something of their own.

Not all players should go this route because it provides a good boost to WoW Cataclysm, but it does not greatly fill the player's pockets with gold and resources for crafting if they want to do it in the future.

You will be hunting to get prey, and for this, you need to go to a location that suits you according to the level and capabilities of your character - quests will help you with this. Then, you can stay at the location until your inventory is filled. Remember that enemies may be around, so remember to look around and remain vigilant.

If you need additional income, then master professions that will help you craft equipment for yourself and for sale.

  • Choose mining and forging for heavy armor and steel items and weapons.
  • Choose light armor for dodgers and archers.
  • Choose Tailoring to create magical armor, but since this profession does not require additions to obtain fabrics, choose Inscription or Jewelcrafting to create a staff or orb.

You must go to raids if you want to team up with other players and receive unique rewards. These are dungeons in which the boss lives - a reinforced monster with exceptional skills and fighting style, and if you manage to defeat him, you will receive a reward depending on your luck and difficulty level.

The more complex the raid, the more players are needed to enter. The most challenging raid so far is considered to be the attack on Deathwing - it was he who brought destruction and a new phase of the plot to Azeroth.

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