Pokémon GO Gets a Round Two

Pokémon GO Gets a Round Two

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Friday

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Pokémon GO Overload And you thought we were done talking about Pokémon GO. Apparently the latest update of Gen 2 Pokémon Go creatures has sent Niantic's servers into a spiral. Although interest in the game shot down this fall, the hope is that 80 new creatures that are now spawning into the game would boost interest, users and traffic. Well, that's worked. (Via Forbes)

Bolt LA GM is bringing more than 100 of its electric Bolts to Los Angeles through its rental service Maven, and its deal with Lyft. Customers of these services will get a chance to try the car, and then potentially buy one—a win-win for the carmaker. (Via Fortune)

4K Apple TV Is Apple TV still on track to stream 4K to your home TV? A new Bloomberg story says yes, based on testing going on at Apple on its fifth-generation version of the Apple TV. The device could arrive this year.

No Robot Tax The EU, which is looking closely at robots and their affect on jobs in the future, has decided not to put a tax on our metal creatures. The tax had been suggested to help pay for retraining for people who potentially lose jobs to robots in the future. (Via Reuters)

Biology VR Curious what the inside of your cells look like? InCell VR is a virtual game that takes you speeding through your blood stream. Seriously—it's fun.

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