Because What's Missing From Pokémon GO Is a Party Bus

Because What's Missing From Pokémon GO Is a Party Bus

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Pokemon Go Party Bus Leave to this entrepreneur to find a way to mine the Pokémon GO phenomena by setting up a party bus to Pokémon GO gyms around the Los Angeles. For $20, Pokémon GO trainers (that means players) get a five-hour tour, according to this Craigslist ad. Plus users can hop on, and hop off whenever they want. While playing Pokémon GO has attracted millions of players—many find they've saturated their own neighborhood pretty quickly. Mining a new place—and stocking up on new Pokémon—may be an opportunity too hard to turn down for $20. Live in the Los Angeles area? Reply to the ad, and let the organizers know the date you want to hit the road.

Drone Pilot Arrested Tough summer for drone pilots. First, two get chased by a hatchet-wielding man. Now, a pilot has been arrested for flying over a wildfire in California in June. Authorities have warned that people who fly drones that interfere with emergency services—like fighting wildfires—will be stopped. Arrests? Looks like the next step.

Injecting Health Sensors the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) gave $7.5 million to a California sensor company, Profusa, to build out its technology—devices about the size of a grain of rice, that can be embedded in the skin and reveal health details about the wearer. Why is DARPA interested? Because they want to see if the sensors can more easily transmit vitals of soldiers. Made of materials that are akin to contact lenses, the sensors are meant to last up to two years. (Via Digital Trends)

The IoT of Laundry Tackling the washing and putting the clothes away—it's exhausting just thinking about the task. But FoldiMate is a connected machine that offers to fold up to 20 shirts, then steam, and perfume them before turning them out in a neat little Gap-like stack. Starting at about $700, you have to wonder if paying that price is worth not folding your tops. But then again, the brag factor of having a robot tackle your laundry? Maybe you can't put a price on that.

VR Minecraft Love Minecraft (or know someone who does) and curious what it may feel like to be in the game? Think about downloading Minecraft VR. Don't know how? We do, and we explain how—and even our thoughts on if the game is worth playing.

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