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Car Makers to Regulators: Slow Down On Self-Driving Cars

Gear Up On Five IoT News Bites To Start Your Monday

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Car Makers: Put Self-Driving Cars in The Slow Lane. Automakers are saying the push to get self-driving cars on the streets is happening too quickly. So told the Association of Global Automakers to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on Friday, according to Reuters. Regulators are holding two public hearings as it crafts new guidelines for self-driving cars in the United States by July. The trade group, which reps carmakers including Toyota and Hyundai, instead says NHTSA might want to make smaller steps over time.

Apple's Keyless Keyboard. Apple has filed a patent for a new keyboard—without the keys. Noting that keyboards and track pads "are susceptible to damage," Apple is considering a new system that would read information through a "force-sensitive" tool, according to the patent application.

VR Firm Gets $10M. A virtual reality and augmented reality company that makes 3D experiences for retailers, nabbed $10 million in funding from Dan Gilbert's Stage 1 Ventures. (Gilbert's also the founder of Quicken Loans.) Marxent is based in St. Petersburg, FL—about four hours northwest of another AR start-up you might have heard of: Magic Leap. Or course that start-up has about $1.4 billion in funding.

Cracking The iPhone 6? Cellebrite, the Israeli company rumored to have helped the FBI hack the iPhone 5C, may be at work on an iPhone 6, at the request of the owner's father, according to CNN. (His son had died.) The father had said Apple told him the phone could not be opened without his son's passcode. Cellebrite is reportedly working to prove otherwise.

Pizza Delivery By Drone. UPS, Federal Express and the milkman shouldn't worry, yet. But in Japan, a trial is underway with drones—having them deliver packages from warehouses to homes and other drop off points, says a story in The Japan Times. With Japan hosting the Olympics in 2020, the government wants the service to be up and running in time for the games—and is asking real estate developers to even build drone landing pads for every new apartments.

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