The IoT of Spinach

The IoT of Spinach

Gear up on five IoT news bite for Tuesday

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Super Spinach Bet you didn't know just how good spinach could be for you. Scientists at MIT have found a way to give spinach a Popeye-like boost, lacing the leafy greens with nanotubes—then turning the plant into a sensor of its own, able to pick up on potential explosives. The information is then sent wirelessly to handheld device—like your smartphone or even smaller—alerting authorities. The plants specifically detect a chemical called nitroaromatics from the ground water where the spinach grows. When detected, the presence makes the spinach give off a fluorescence. Researchers are already looking at different ways plants could be used to read the environment—and read by our IoT devices. (Via MIT News)

Emotional Reader Sometimes we know we're not feeling right, but we can't pinpoint the feeling. The $129 Sence is a new wearable that picks up on feelings based on electrocardiography technology—commonly known as ECG. Sence's makers say the device can track 64 different emotions which are readable on the Sence smartphone app (yes, iOS and Android.) You'll never be confused about your mental state again. The device is available on Kickstarter now.

Play Credit Google is having some delays on Pixel pre-orders—and giving out $50 in credit to the Google Play store to anyone forced to wait. Google isn't offering any specifics to buyers on when the actual devices will show up—but is telling people that they'll get their credit when their phones actually arrive, not before. (Via Reddit)

Drone Delivery Venture capitalists do just the darndest things. Menlo Ventures just had socks delivered—via a Flirtey drone—to a hotel where they're holding its annual partner meeting. While there have been many test cases with drones, such as frozen yogurt or pizza, drones have yet to really launch as a delivery vehicle. (Too many FAA regulations for now.) But socks...will be first on our list. (Via TechCrunch)

VR Gift Guide From Google Cardboard to Oculus Rift there are certainly a wide array of VR headsets out there for the holiday season. Want to gift someone with a VR experience but don't know which one to choose? We run through the options based on price and interest.

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