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Tech Talk: GeistM Adds New Pieces to Management Team

The World's Fastest Growing MarTech Platform Announces Leadership Changes to Continue its Strong Growth

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This week, Tech Talk brings you news from GeistM, the world's fastest growing MarTech Platform. The company recently announced two key leadership moves which will feed the company's continuing acceleration in the digital marketing world. Sameet Durg, co-founder and formerly COO, has been promoted to President of the company, overseeing all daily operations. Technology and media industry veteran Andrew G. Smith has joined as Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships.

GeistM CEO and founder Kevin Fortuna says that the company made the moves in order to position itself for significant growth in 2021 and beyond. "In 2020, GeistM proved itself to be an 'anti-fragile' platform. Not only did we experience minimal downside impact from the COVID-19 pandemic and global economic downturn, we are now thriving as both traditional and pure digital marketers come back online. With these leadership changes, GeistM is poised to consolidate our position as the leading MarTech player globally and exploit the accelerating migration of ad dollars into performance-based, accountable, tech-driven channels."

Durg confirmed Fortuna's optimism about the company's prospects going into 2021. "When Kevin brought me on board at Geist, I knew his idea had legs. He'd identified a massive exploitable niche at the intersection of content and technology, something that would be pointed at the future of advertising and marketing. Our performance over the last 5 years has confirmed that, and we're now at an inflection point where hypergrowth is possible."

geistM logoTech Talk: GeistM Adds New Pieces to Management

GeistM's clients include a roster of some of the most sophisticated and heavy-hitting marketers on the planet: HelloFresh, Nutrisystem, Paypal, Tasting Room, FanDuel, and P&G, among others.. The companies are attracted to GeistM's unique blend of industry-leading technology and world-class content creation.

"I'm thrilled to join the GeistM leadership team," said Smith. "Their record over the last few years speaks for itself. I'm convinced that GeistM's solution set is the future not only of direct response but of brand advertising as well. We are already onboarding new clients at a terrific clip, and I expect that to continue into Q4 and beyond."

GeistM was recently named to the Inc. 5000 for the 3rd consecutive year, the first MarTech platform to have achieved this honor.

For GearBrain users, you might not know or have heard of GeistM but you see their work every day on our site. They provide us with targeted marketing campaigns from leading brands. These programs drive revenue for the site which allows us to provide you with the unique high-quality content you see every day on the site. This is great news and we look forward to continuing to work with the leading global MarTech company.

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