Tesla Brakes Before Driver, Potentially Saving Family

Tesla Brakes Before Driver, Potentially Saving Family

Gear up on five IoT news bites for Thursday

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Tesla Savior A Norwegian family believes its Tesla's Autopilot system may have saved its life, braking when it saw an accident up ahead of an SUV flipping. NBC News reports that Frank van Hoesel says his car started slowing down before he even reacted. Although he hit the brakes, his says his car had already almost stopped. Hoesel says he drives in Autopilot 80 percent of the time, and bought his Tesla just three months ago. (Via NBC News)

Ehang Update What happened to Ehang? The self-driving helicopter that got tons of ink during CES 2016? The company apparently has been running some test flights in China—but not in the U.S. Engadget has some updates on the drone that captured everyone's attention earlier this year.

Twitter 360 Twitter is bringing 360-degree video to Periscope, its live-streaming platform. Just a few users have access to the feature now, but more are expected to get the ability early into 2017. And yes, of course there's a waitlist.

Ford Upgrades Fusion Ford is planning to pull the veil back on its latest Ford Fusion Hybrid, its self-driving car. The next-gen model will have more advanced sensors, and a so-called brain in the trunk. Of course, we'll be there when Ford reveals the car at CES 2017 in Las Vegas next week.

Orbi Is Fast We're spending the next couple of months running through many of the latest Wi-Fi mesh options for your smart home. Our first? Netgear Orbi—which surprised us on its speed..

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