Tesla Makes Every Car Self-Driving

Tesla Makes Every Car Self-Driving

Tesla is installing self-driving hardware in every new car

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Self-Driving For All Have an order in for a new Tesla? You're getting a self-driving car. All new cars, including the Model 3, will come right from the factory with all the hardware needed for self-driving: eight 360-degree cameras, 12 sensors, radar that reads the road in front of the car and then a new computer. Even as Tesla is being challenged on how consumers should use its Autopilot feature, (that would be the entire country of Germany) self-driving technology is certainly of interest to drivers—and to Tesla buyers in particular. As for Tesla and its belief in its technology, the carmaker did not pull any punches. To them, the cars will have "...full self-driving capability at a safety level substantially greater than that of a human driver."

Apple Home Apple is working with new home builders to get HomeKit installed for quite literally the ground up. The tech company is teaming up with developers to get devices that work on its HomeKit platform pre-installed, making home buyers more tied then to Apple's platform. One drawback to smart home adoption is the confusion is which products works with each other. Apple's move is a step towards simplifying this by having a new homes be turnkey for IoT smart home devices. (Via Bloomberg)

Samsung Saga Yes, Samsung will grant refunds for its Galaxy Note 7. (Hard not to with the devices exploding.) But what about paying for the damages the devices caused? The Guardian says consumers are being told by Samsung they won't pay for damages, and instead only want the phones back.

Airblock Soars Just one day into its Kickstarter, and Airblock has already surpassed its $100,000 goal. The modular drone is almost a DIY toy—allowing you to build configurations, and fly the drone via your smartphone using a Scratch-like program. Made of foam, the pieces are super light—but best for indoor flight.

Streaming TV We know you want to cut the cord–or are at least curious how to do so. We also know there are a lot of devices: confusing. That's why we take apart the NVIDIA Shield which lacks a web browser but has a solid library of games, movies and TV shows. Read more here.

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